Possible *Dwight* Trade


If the Magic were to trade Dwight Howard in fear of him leaving the team for nothing, then what value can they actually get for him? Consider first that if they did trade Dwight, then it would most likely be to a Western conference team to make it less likely to deal with him on opposing teams in the playoffs. Also the team they trade him to would have to be a title contending team the following season because otherwise that team too would fear Dwight would leave them in the offseason.

Personally I've gone through many trade scenarios on ESPN's trade machine and the best one that I found that would work for both teams is this scenario right here between the Magic and the Thunder...


Magic get: Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins, Thabo Sefolosha, Nate Robinson, Cole AldrichRoyal Ivey, First round pick

The reason this would work so well for the Magic is because Westbrook is becoming one of the league' best point guards. Ibaka is a top shot blocker in the NBA and has shown potential in his offensive game during the playoffs, plus he helps on rebounds. Personally I've always felt that Perkin's talent served better in a back up role, but he certainly is a solid starting center. Sefolosha is a great perimeter defender, something the Magic were missing during the playoffs. All four players are young athletes and can help the Magic win down the road. If anything they would become great building blocks for a team that traded away their best player. At this point we can say that Aldrich is a project like Orton. Nate and Ivey just made the trade work in terms of cap space, but i'd imagine the Magic would just let them go or trade them to another team. Also i'd assume the Magic would demand picks in the deal too.

New Lineup...( this team most likely wont win in the playoffs, but they can certainly rebuild now)

PG: Westbrook / Arenas / Duhon                                                                                                                       

SG: Redick / Sefolosha

SF: Turk / Quetin

PF: Ibaka / Anderson

C: Perkins / Aldrich / Orton


Thunder get: Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, Brandon Bass

For the Thunder this trade would make them favorites in the West if not overall. Dwight finally gets to play with another superstar and can compete now with a winning team. Plus having Nelson and Bass traded along with him helps the transition because they've played with one another already for quite some time, especially with Nelson. Basically it would be like we replaced Turk with Durant (IF ONLY THAT WERE THE CASE NOW) and replaced Jason Richardson with James Harden whos' a very good young talent and has been know to be a good defensive option. Of course they would still have to add a few more players to fill out the roster and most likely it would be veteran players like what the Heat did. I don't know about you guys but this team would be my favorites to win it all next year.


New Lineup...

PG: Nelson / Maynor

SG: Harden / Cook

SF: Durant

PF: Bass / Collinson

C: Howard / Mullens

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