Part 1 of 3: Free Agent Targets

Like most of you, I was disappointed that the season ended in the first round. Props to Atlanta, they had a gameplan(no matter how in-efficient it looked) and they stuck with it. So how can the Magic improve?

The Magic will start next season with a $76 million payroll which will be number 2 behind the Lakers. The new CBA will change how teams can sign free agents but we won't know the structure of it for a while.  Let's assume the rules will stay the same and teams will have a mid-level exception (5.7 in 2011), the bi-annual exception (2.08 in 2011), and minimum salary exception(800k) to sign free agents. After the jump a list of potential free agents and some stats to see which ones would be a good fit in Orlando.

Key:PO=Player Option,QO=Qualifying offer(usually guys still on their rookie deals), UFA=unrestricted free agent


2010 Salary
Andre Kirilenko 17 mil UFA
Kenyon Martin 16 mil UFA
Tayshaun Prince 11 mil UFA
Troy Murhpy 11 mil UFA
Caron Butler 10 mil UFA
Boris Diaw 9 mil PO
Shane Battier 7 mil UFA
Vlad Radmanovic 6.8 mil UFA
Jared Jeffries 6.8 mil UFA
Reggie Evans 5 mil UFA
Darius Songaila 4.8 mil UFA
Yi Jianlian 4 mil QO
Julian Wright 3.9 mil QO
Kris Humphries 3 mil UFA
Brandon Wright 3 mil QO
Carl Landry 3 mil UFA
Josh Howard 3 mil UFA
Craig Smith 2.3 mil UFA
James Jones 1.1 mil PO
Earl Clark 1.8 mil UFA
Leon Powe 915,000 UFA
Josh McRoberts 885,000 UFA
CDR 854,000 QO
Shawne Williams 854,000 UFA
Joey Dorsey 854,000 QO

Mike Redd 18 mil UFA Sam Dalembert 13 mil UFA
Jason Richardson 14 mil UFA Joel Przybilla 7.7 mil UFA
Mike Dunleavy 10 mil UFA Dan Gadzuric 7 mil UFA
Jamal Crawford 10 mil UFA Jeff Foster 6.6 mil UFA
JR Smith 6 mil UFA Nazr Mohammed 6 mil UFA
Jason Kapono 6 mil UFA Ronny Turiaf 4 mil PO
Sasha Vujacic 5.4 mil UFA Chris Wilcox 3 mil UFA
Deshawn Stevenson 4.1 mil UFA David Anderson 2.5 mil QO
Willie Green 3.9 mil UFA Ryan Hollins 2.4 mil PO
Anthony Parker 2.8 mil UFA Louis Amundson 2.2 mil PO
JJ Barea 1.8 mil UFA Hamed Haddadi 2 mil QO
Roger Mason 1.4 mil UFA Chuck Hayes 1.9 mil UFA
Quinton Ross 1.1 mil UFA Kurt Thomas 1.8 mil UFA
Anthony Carter 854,000 UFA Solomon Jones 1.5 mil UFA
Marquis Daniels 854,000 UFA Alexis Ajinca 1.4 mil UFA
TMAC 854,000 UFA Krylo Fesenko 1 mil UFA
Luc Mbah a Moute 854,000 QO Josh Powell 854,000 UFA
Delonte West 854,000 UFA Hilton Armstrong 854,000 UFA
Reggie Williams 762,000 QO Kwame Brown 854,000 UFA
Theo Ratliff 854,000 UFA
Eric Dampier 854,000 UFA
Sheldon Willliams 854,000 UFA
Tony Battie 854,000 UFA
Francisco Elson 854,000 UFA

The players I highlighted are the players I believe the Magic should target in Free Agency. The Magic don't have much to work with so here are my reasons for highlighting these players:

Jeff Foster-6th in the league in Total Rebound Rate (at least 10 min a game, 40 games played) at 20.7. Although he will be 35 next January, I think he can be signed for half of the mid-level.

Ghostface Przybilla-Pretty good rebound rate at 17.1, a legit 7 footer, and he is 32 years old. Although he may be more expensive than Foster because centers get paid. Also has a great nickname.

Nazr Mohammed-Always known as a good defender, rebounds well at 17.2 rebound rate. Will start the season at 34 years old. Maybe a little less than the full mid-level.

Mike Dunleavy-I believe JJ should start and Dunleavy should be the backup SG. At 6'9, would create a new taller lineup. Shot 40% from 3, 56% eFG% which was good for 6th in league among swingmen with 40 games and 15 min a game. Maybe a little less than the full mid-level.

James Jones-#1 in league in eFG% at 60% and shot 42% from 3. Miami will probably re-sign him at a larger contract but if not, he will be sought after by many teams. Would be a good role player for the team.

Vlad Rad-OK, hear me out. I know he is known as the space cadet for his bball un-awareness, but the guy has some skills. He shot 40% from 3, had an  eFG of 54%, and is 6'10. If we can get him for 2-3 mil a year for 2 years, I think that's reasonable.

Earl Clark-Ryan Anderson is our best trade asset and I think Clark can be a capable backup next year. Just has so much potential for a big guy. Since he has not done anything in the league yet, he should not be too expensive to re-sign.

Mbah a Moute-Great perimeter defender but a horrible shooter for the SVG system. But has Pietrus type length to bother shooters and I don't think would command a lot of money in the market

Delonte West-Tenacious, crazy, friend of Jameer's, decent shooter, can play the point. Love his versatility, question whats upstairs. He plays with an edge I feel this team was missing  this year.

Obviously, there are better players on the market (Battier, Crawford, Dalembert) but I think they will be more expensive than the guys I listed. My top 2 choices would be Przybilla and Dunleavy. Of course, the CBA may not even have a mid -level or DeVos may not to want to add any more new salaries. All ideas/comments welcome. This post is focused on free agency, the next one is going to be a trade targets.

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