Part 3 of 3: 2012 Team & the Mavericks

This last post wraps up the first 2 and tries to piece together a new roster for next season. I also would like to know what type of players would fit best around Dwight Howard. I know that the CBA will be WAY different next year, especially after reading the piece about what changes have been discussed, but just play along.

Free Agent Signings-Joel Przybila ($4 mil, 2 yr deal from Mid-level exception), Vlad Radmanovic (2 mil, bi-annual vet exception), Earl Clark (2 yr extension, 2-3 mil a year)

Trades-Paul Milsap and Raja Bell for Chris Duhon and Brandon Bass

New Roster: Jameer, Bell, Turk, Milsap, Howard

Bench: Arenas, JJ, QRich, Anderson, Przybilla

End of bench: Clark, Radmonovic, Orton, 2nd round pick

Minutes allocation-

Jameer-30, Bell 20, Turk-28, Milsap-30, Howard-36, Arenas-25, JJ-25, Q-12, Anderson-20, Pzybilla-12

This adds up to 240. Obviously, things would change according to matchups, injuries, and who is in Van Gundy's doghouse at the time. If Keith Bogans and DeShawn Stevenson can start for contending teams, than Raja Bell can start for the Magic. He is older than the other 2, but limiting his minutes and giving them to Arenas and JJ works best. Re-signing Clark is key because Anderson is our best trade asset and hopefully Clark can move into the backup PF role if Anderson is traded.


Current salary for '11/12 season: 76 mil

New salary with additions: 86 mil

This is the part where I tried to keep things as cheap as possible. The Magic have to at least acquire 3 players because the are locked in for 10 players next season and the league minimum is 13. But no matter what, it is going to cost money to sign a backup center unless they trade for one. This isn't the greatest team on paper, but upgrading the PF position and getting a legit backup center should give  the team a chance to at least contend next year.

Watching the Mavericks embarrass the Lakers really stood out to me. Games 3 and 4 were almost perfect basketball. Crisp ball movement, trying to get out on the break, hitting open 3s, defensive rotations; everyone seems so in sync it was great team basketball to watch.

But what do the Mavshave around Dirk? Past their prime players and guys accepting their role on the team. Marion, Kidd, Stevenson, Stojakavic; not really all-star caliber players any more surrounding him.

So what 4 guys would you surround Dwight with if the Magic could start over? The only exception is that these guys could not be on the team:

Pau Gasol

So who would be the best role/borderline All-Star players to surround Dwight Howard with? This is my 4:

PG-Steph Curry

SG-Kevin Martin

SF-Luol Deng

PF-Josh Smith

So who do you got?

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