Moves Magic could/should try to make this summer

I made a list of players (Free agents - Movable but under contract -and - players who Otis needs to contact their teams about a trade possibility.) Let me know what you think, and please feel free to add any players or moves Otis should consider. No b.s. please.

First group:

Unrestricted FA’s this summer

Barea being the big name PG out there, should command good money this summer, so he is probably a long shot for O-town. After that, you can really snag some solid veteran big guy play here for a good price. I really like DeAndre Jordan, Kris Humphries,  and Kyrylo Fesenko, as well as Mike Dunleavy and Joel Pryzbilla for mid-range salary players.


*JJ Barea - DAL – FA

*Tyson Chandler - DAL - FA

*Caron Butler - DAL - FA

*Peja Stojakovic - DAL - FA

*Kenyon Martin - DEN - FA

*Tayshaun Prince – DET - FA

*Mike Dunleavy – IND - FA

*DeAndre Jordan – LAC - FA

*Zach Randolph – MEM - FA

*Shane Battier –MEM – FA

*Marc Gasol – MEM - FA

*Michael Redd – MIL – FA

*David West – NO - FA

*Kris Humphries – NJ – FA

*Joel Pryzbilla – POR - FA

*Kyrylo Fesenko – UTA - FA

*Andre Kirilenko – UTA - FA


The next group is:


Under Contract but Disgruntled or Team could want change

This group is something of a make your offer and see if their team is in. I think all of these players would be moved if the right offer is presented. Here is what I think could be included for a possible trade for each player too.


OJ Mayo – MEM – 6mil thru 12 (QO for 13) (mayo plus maybe battier For a Redick, bass package)

Brandon Jennings – MIL – 3mil thru 13 (Jennings/Ilyasova/goooden For Nelson, Bass)

Raymond Felton – DEN – 7.5mil thru 12 (Felton/mozgov or koufos for Nelson, orton package)

Josh Smith - ATL - 13mil thru 13 (Smith/Teague for Nelson/Bass)

Lamar Odom – LAL – 8.5 mil thru 13 (team option) (Odom for Bass package)

Monta Ellis - G.S. – 11mil thru 14 (Ellis, Udoh for Nelson & Redick)


And Finally:

Players Otis should try and deal for (listed is their average yearly salary until the expiration)

Jeff Teague - ATL - 2mil thru 12

James Harden – OKC – 5mil thru 13 (team option) (QO in 14)

Andy Verajao - CLE - 8mil thru 14

Louie Amundson - G.S. – 2mil thru 12

Ersan Ilyasova – MIL – 2.5mil thru 12

Nikola Pekovic – MIN – 4.5mil thru 13

Kosta Koufos – DEN – 2.5mil thru 13 (player option)

Courtney Lee – HOU – 2.5 mil thru 12

Tyler Hansborough – IND – 2 mil thru 12 (team option in 13, player option in 14)

Ryan Gomes – LAC – 4mil thru 13

Anthony Tolliver – MIN – 2mil thru 12

Nick Collison – OKC – 3mil thru 15

Chris Kaman – LAC – 12 mil thru 12

Aaron Brooks – PHX – QO in 12 for 2mil

Nicolas Batum – POR – 2mil in 12

DeMar DeRozan – TOR – 2.7mil in 12, (team option in 13, QO in 14)

CJ Miles – UTA – 3.7mil team option in 12

Mehmet Okur – UTA – 10mil in 12

Ty Lawson – DEN – 2mil thru 13 (Team option in 12)

Kevin Martin – HOU – 12mil thru 12

Luis Scola – HOU – 10mil thru 15

John Salmons – MIL – 8mil thru 14

Marcus Camby – POR – 9 mil in 12

Linas Kleiza – TOR – 4.6mil thru 14

Amir Johnson – TOR – 6.5mil thru 15


Let me know what you guys think about the players listed.

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