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 I know everyone is eager to jump on the ESPN Trade Machine and try to make us better. However, we may have to take a few steps back to get back in the right direction. These are a few trades I think would help the Magic. At first sight, they may look awful for the Magic, but it's the long haul I'm thinking about.

First Trade: 

  Denver Receives: PG Jameer Nelson, PF/C Daniel Orton

  Orlando Receives:  PG Raymond Felton, C  Kosta Koufos

   I know, I know, I know. Before you jump down my throat let me explain. Felton is not happy being a backup, they're going to have to move him, because it doesn't look like Ty Lawson is going to play his way to the bench. Jameer is going to hit thirty years old soon, and while he can start for a lot of teams, he is probably better suited to come off the bench. REASON for the trade, simple, Felton's contract expires at season's end, as does Koufos'.

Second Trade: (Involving Turkoglu) 

LA Clippers Receive: SF Turkoglu, SG Redick

Orlando Receives: C Chris Kaman, G Randy Foye

   Again, Magic giving up too much? Probably, but for this plan to save the franchises hopes of retaining Howard, the Magic are going to have to make some moves that initially put them back a bit in order to catch up to the Heat or Bulls. Again, the KEY here is Kaman and Foye both COME OFF THE BOOKS in 2012. In reality, Turkoglu is not that bad of player, he just can't be asked to carry the load anymore, which he wouldn't in LA. The steal is the Clippers getting a shooter in Dead eye Shooter in Redick. The Magic will have a servicable backup to Dwight next year in Kaman, and a versatile Foye who can play both Guard positions.

Third Trade: 

Pacers Receive: SF Turkoglu, PF/C Daniel Orton

Magic Receive: SF James Posey, SG/SF Brandon Rush

  Same story here, Magic giving up a big piece in Turk, and not getting much back. But that is what you have to expect when trying to get rid of Turkoglu's horrible contract, you're just not going to get equal value back. Both Rush and Posey come off the books in 2012 as well. 

  So you see where I'm heading with this. Kind of a Pat Riley strategy you can say?While we may not be contenders next year, We have Dwight, we're going to be competitive, that's the bottom line. So build around him for the future. These trades also make way more sense if the amensty clause is passed. (Getting rid of Arenas' contract) You could possibly move a couple other pieces (Bass, Anderson, Q-rich) to fill some holes where needed for a year, and help lower the Magic's cap for 2012. 

 SUMMER OF 2012: Magic use their amensty clause to get rid of Arenas' contract (18 mil, 56mil 3 yrs), EITHER Kaman comes off (11.8 mil) Foye comes off (4.3mil) OR Posey comes off (7.2mil) Rush comes off (2.2 mil) AND Felton comes off (7mil)  koufos comes off (1.3mil).

With that alone, and Dwight Howard opting out (The way Wade did last summer) The Magic would only have Duhon (3.5mil), Bass (4mil) Q-Rich (2.2) and that's ALL! That could leave the Magic around 40 million under the CAP!!!

Then Howard and either Paul or Williams could get to talking the way lebron and Wade did, and also have enough to bring in another star, or a few solid role players(better choice in my opinion). 

What do you guys think? These aren't trades that are impossible to make to happen, this is a real opportunity.

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