Could the Magic get Andrei Iguodala?

A new off-season and more rumors that Iguodala could possibly be on the trading block.

Before this year's past trade deadline, I was fixated with the idea with Magic acquiring Iguodala at the trade deadline, however having to throw in Elton Brand and his contract, I know that includes a really bad contract wouldn't be worth it for the Magic in the long run.  Instead, the Magic obviously made a blockbuster trade themselves with the Phoenix Suns, one we will wait and see how it turns out. 

However, it seems at least at this point that the 76'ers are less demanding on the strictness of who they want and who they want to give up in the trade.  Unfortunately, the Magic are currently tied down with the hefty contracts of Arenas and Turkoglu.

Andrei Iguodala, I believe could possibly be the answer that the Magic are looking for.  Not necessarily the go scorer that some people think the Magic need, but he is all around player that can solve many of the Magic's problems that were exposed during these playoffs.

The most obvious  asset that Iguodala possesses is the ability to put the ball on the floor and beat defenders, a type of player that the Magic have been lacking.  Other skills and attributes that he possesses is the fact that he he is a relatively good defender that stay with more athletic guards, one that Kyle Wright actually, claims is the second wing defender in the league.  I don't need to tell you how awful Richardson has been in one-on-one defense


Besides his defensive potential, Igudodalia has excellent vision and passing ability for a shooting guard, which could offset the score first mentality that Jameer Nelson has at the point.  Even more promising is that he could possibly counteract the Magic's terrible turnover woes as he only averaged 2.1 TO's this season.


Even though I know nothing how the salary cap and the luxury tax, I am still desperate to find anyway that is feasibly possible for Iguodala.  The only trade I can seem that could possibly attract the 76'ers is offering up possibly Ryan Anderson, Bass,  and J.J. Redick, and maybe even Q Richardson  in a deal. 


Possible Starters (if everything ideally goes to the plain such as Clark resigning and Vaquez coming to the Magic)

PG: Jameer Nelson

SG: Andrei Iguodala

SF:Hedo Turkoglau

PF: Earl Clark (If he reaches his potential) or Vaquez

C: Dwight Howard


I know it is definitely another gamble that the Magic would be making in terms of adding on salaries, and thus the identity of how the Magic operate their offense would change dramatically, but I believe that Orlando would have the athleticism that they need to be competitive not only creating shots, but also helping Dwight back on defense.


I know my proposed trade is pretty crappy and unrealistic.  So is there would be a realistic way that the Magic can get Iguodala without paying an arm and leg for him in terms of players or salary?

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