My Last Dwight Howard Trade Post.

       I promise this will be my last speculation for trading Dwight. I have posted this trade somewhere else, but I added some new wrinkles to this trade. But before I go into those details, know that I really REALLY do not want Dwight to leave. However with him saying the Media is kicking him out of Orlando, that to me just screams red flag. Yes I know he tried to clean it up and explain afterwards, but I really do not think the Sentinel wants him gone? Who would want to cover a terrible Orlando Magic team? Exactly.So with that said let us get to the trade.


So let's look at Philly first. Why do they do this?

Basically this is a semi salary dump. They get out of the Iguodala contract one year earlier and finally signal the beginning of the Holiday and Young era. Whether that is the way to go is debatable. I could also see them trading Iguodala for Bynum as well, but this one makes a little bit more sense. If I am Philly I draft Benson out of Oakland University to solve my center issue. Turner becomes the starting 2 and Gerald Wallace provides veteran leadership alongside Brand. Can they win a title? Probably not, but the save money earlier.

Why does New Orleans do this?

Well they will be approx. 10 million under the cap next season, so they could go after a Jason Richardson who would fir perfect next to Chis Paul. But you have to ask yourself if you are New Orleans, do you really think Chris Paul is going to stay? I find it hard, just like I do with Dwight staying in Orlando. So with this you dump Okafor's contract and you get multiple expiring contracts. Orlando and Portland can also offer future first round picks. Batum and Matthews are young solid players. Andre Miller may be the most underrated PG of all time, and Camby is a nice expiring contract. He could also retire in which case you clear that money earlier. Also Brandon Bass will provide them with a PF until David West is healthy. Also with them clearing all that space they would have Ariza, Matthews and Bass. Whatever players they draft(San Antonio management so you know they will draft well) in some weird way they could actually be able to convince Deron Williams to come. But whatever they would have killer cap space and three young entering their prime years who are also cheap.

Why does Portland do this?

You get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Plain and simple. I asked Evan about this trade and he stated that he does not see Dwight leaving for a small market. A part of that I believe, but the chance to play with Chris Paul, who has already stated that he would play in Portland, and Brandon Roy, who seems to be semi recovering, you just do not pass it up. That team would be on TV and commercials everywhere. Especially if Dwight leaves Addidas and joins nearby Nike. They also get the man they wanted two years ago in Hedo Turkoglu......just kidding they have to pay some price for taking Dwight.

Why does Orlando do this?

Well, if it does not look like Dwight is going to stay, you have to do something. And honestly I don't want Bynum's knees or the Lamar Khardasian show. Lamar is good and I would take a long look at a Gasol/Odom trade, but I think with this trade you get younger. Aldridge is signed for the next 4 years, and does not seem to fancy himself in the LeBron and Dwight class. Is he Dwight Howard? No. Offensively he is very gifted, but he could still work on his defense and rebounding. That is where Okafor comes into play. is he great? No. But he can still defend and rebound at elite levels. And the fact of that matter is he is a better player than Turk. I think with Aldridge and Okafor you do what Dwight does but with two players. Then you get Andre Iguodala. I have watched him play for awhile now. And I am going to be honest with you, I think he can be a super stud. I don't think he has ever had the combo of coach, talent around him, or scheme to make him great. Is he a great shooter? No but he can shoot. And I really believe he with Aldridge would be fantastic.Iguodala can defend, pass, create, run, run a team I mean he can do everything LeBron can do on a much smaller scale. But I think he could 20 6 6 with our team. SVG could get it out of him. I also say screw it and sign Jason Richardson to a 3 year 24 million dollar contract to start at the 2. And bring back Clark. Again I know the new CBA is coming and could change everything, but this with current rules so go with it.

This would also see the end of the 4-out-1-in offense. Although you could still run it. But this would be my idea of how the depth chart would look:

PG: Nelson/Arenas

SG: Richardson/Redick

SF: Iguodala/Clark/2nd round draft pick or minimum vet guy

PF: Aldridge/Anderson/Clark

C: Okafor/Orton/Vasquez by some miracle??

If you are going to say don't trade Dwight or new CBA or fire Otis Smith before trading Dwight please don't post. I would like to keep the comments strictly on this mega trade. Assume of course that all teams agree to do a trade. With these four rosters. Do you like it for Orlando, who loses the most? Again I would appreciate it just on this trade.

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