Haven't we seen this before?


It seems not too long ago that one man band out of the Central division was the "number one" team in the East. Has a defensive minded coach. They rely on their "MVP" to do practically everything for them. Are the Chicago Bulls the New Cleveland Cavaliers of the last two years? I have been saying it for months now, and as I was listening to Colin Cowherd he said it today. But I don't have to have ratings on here. But lets compare the teams.

Their MVP:

Well if you ask anyone outside of Chicago and Ric Bucher, Derrick Rose does not equal LeBron James. It is not even close. LeBron is a better scorer, passer, rebounder, defender, shooter, bigger, stronger, faster, and a proven commodity in the playoffs. Remember he has won the East once already and been to the second every year if I am not mistaken. He may be a punk, but he is still a top 1 player in the league. And yes I meant 1. So their one man is not nearly as good the Cavs number one.

Their coach:

Very easy to say Thib's is better, but Mike Brown did make it to the Finals and had elite defenses. To me there is no difference yet. Let me see Thib's do something in the playoffs and we can revisit this. So far the Cavs are better in two categories.

The Rest of the guys:

It sure seems easy to say the Cavs had no talent then and the Bulls have superior talent than they do. Do they? Yes they do. Deng, Boozer and Noah are better than Mo Williams, Jamison, and Varejao. But I am going to be honest , it is not light years ahead of them. But I will give them they have a better team. But I do not think either is enough to win a title.

I will give the Bulls their due. They play hard every night. That is very good. They give their fans value for the ticket they pay for. But that is not good enough in the paint. I hear that the Magic are inconsistent and that the Bulls are consistent. Well if their offense is consistent, doesn't that mean they will struggle in the playoffs when Dwight Howard does not allow Rose to go the rim? Who on their team is a legit number scoring two option who can take over a game? The Magic have Jameer and Turk who can take over games. J Rich and JJ can get hot. Bulls do not possess anyone who can take over a game aside from Rose. Deng can not really create his own shot. Maybe I am wrong, but name me someone on the Bulls who can take over a fourth quarter if Rose struggles? I really am confident the Magic will beat the Bulls in the semi's in 5 or 6 games. Being inconsistent does not take the capability away from being able to take over a game. The Bulls have no players who can  pick up Rose when he will struggle to get a shot on Dwight.

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