Changes that Need to Happen!

After watching most of this season and the first playoff game, its clear what this team needs, and that is a serious change at three major positions, ....SF, SG and back up PG.

We obviously know Gilbert isn't a back up PG, and more suited for a SG role...When Jameer takes a breather, we have no1 on this team that can really run this offense, i mean Jason Williams looks like a stud compared to what we have now going on.

Secondly, Turk is past his prime.  He is too slow and too inconsistent.  He can't guard the more athletic Fowards like Pierce, Lebron, Melo, Joe Johnson/Josh Smith by any means and at the same time, doesn't provide enough on offense besides decent spot up shooting and the occasional good pass.  I just don't see enough production from him as a whole...the IDEAL person this team needs is a Gerald Wallace at that position or Luol Deng.  Fortunately, one of those will be available this summer.  Both can score 15 -20 a night no problem, and play great defense.  Both can hit spot up threes...defense is the difference between this year and last, given Barnes shut down most players 3 and vince did decent on there 2's and if he didnt Pietrus did fine.  We didn't realize that our isolation defense went way down with that trade, and we have no toughness at that position.


Thirdly, Jason Richardson....I love his late game three's and he does play decent defense, and maybe I wouldn't even mention his name had he hit some open shots but Joe Johnson did what he wanted with him Saturday.  I don't know if its just a bad match up but these guys need to be able to create their OWN shots and take someone off the dribble.  When his three's aren't falling he just doesn't have that much value and unfortunately, Reddick can't guard Joe Johnson either. 


Ultimately, I pray for a new CBA, and being able to release players and have a cap.  I would get rid of Gilbert, probably have to sign richardson or ray allen two a 2 year deal or so, and then give everythign I can to Wallace for a 3 year deal.  Howard literally couldnt be stopped and did everything he could but the rest of the players aside from Jameer just refused to show up.  All season long we hear about this "switch" well apparently only two players found it and as a result our defense just stunk.  Granted they hit a lot of shots, they had too many open looks and I think we can all agree we have been getting killed by opponents shooting guards all year, Saturday was no exception just that Smith had his way with Hedo as well.  This constantly forced Bass to have to help leaving Horford open for those jumpers that he kept hitting.


I'll leave it saying this, if Otis doesn't fix his mess that he created, Dwight SHOULD LEAVE.  This group of players don't deserve to play with someone of his level who gives all his effort every game just to have his teammates sh*t the bed. 

Granted im very frustrated, but that performance was just awful and makes you wonder, with Donnie Walsh a free agent, i'd bring him in to Orlando in a heartbeat and find a way to get rid of all the fat on this team.  If the new CBA, whenever that is, doesn't include the ability to release players, Otis would've just set this team back a good 2-3 years.


Lets hope this team minus Jameer and Dwight find their balls in the next 24 hrs and take game 2 on Tuesday.

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