Trade Ideas (with 76ers & Mavs)



Out - Jason Richardson, Brandon Bass, Chris Duhon, Malik Allen (Duhon & Allen to make salaries match)

In - Andre Igoudala, Elton Brand (plus Battie or filler if Orlando and Philly agree on lesser players)
*can't take place until Feb 18, due to restrictions on trading Richardson with another player.


  • Igoudala is the wing defender that is missing right now; and he can get to the rim, yet is a very willing passer.  I'd start him at SG, but he also fits the SF-as-facilitator role when Turk is off the floor.
  • Brand has higher basketball IQ than Bass and is a more willing passer while putting up similar per36 numbers to Bass. Brand has produced good numbers during his time playing limited minutes at center for the 76ers.  (While Brand is partly the cost of acquiring Igoudala, the combo of Brand and Igoudala is a net plus in my mind.)
  • Gets rid of Duhon's contract.
  • Otis Smith gets more of the league's "least tradeable" contracts.


  • More expensive.
  • Igoudala not as good outside the 3-point arc as JRich.
  • Is there time for new players to mesh into the system before the playoffs? (with Igoudala and Brand's high basketball IQ, I think the answer is yes.)
  • Leaves Orlando with only 11 players.  They could either sign vets, DLeaguers, or use their TPE to absorb someone from a 3rd or 4th team. For example, Utah is over the cap and might give up Ronnie Price or Earl Watson to be our 3rd PG.  Or Minnesota might move Telfair for cash and Fran Vasquez's rights--to lure or package with Rubio.  Or maybe Philly waives Malik Allen and he comes back to the Magic bench.  I'd like to see a SF/wing picked up in case Turk or Igoudala were to go down...or to let Turk sit for a few games and save his aged-body for the playoffs--or maybe more time for Clark at the SF??

Why for 76ers:

  • Get out of Brand's contract (who else is going to take it?)
  • Get a younger PF replacement in Bass.
  • Accelerates the youth movement.
  • Bass and JRich give them enough talent to continue their playoff push this season.



Out - Quentin Richardson, Daniel Orton (via TPE)

In - Ian Mahinmi, Dominique Jones


  • Young "play now" backup center in Mahinmi.
  • Rookie SG that can get to the rim (with Central Florida ties).

Mahinmi is the most important piece.  To balance salaries in the trade another player has to come from Dallas.  I'm suggesting Jones, because his contract balances the salary numbers.  Jose Juan Barea or Rodrigue Beaubois' contracts would work, too, but the Mavs are high on Beaubois.  And, Barea gets more floor time right now than Jones, so I assume that makes Jones more moveable.  It is technically possible to just trade QRich for Mahinmi using each team's TPEs and held draft rights.


  • Lose Richardson knowing the Magic system while bringing in two new players.
  • Lose Orton as a prospect.

Why for Dallas:
Lost Caron Butler, but are in "win now" mode.  QRich gives the Mavs vet experience on the wing--likely a starter at small forward.  Orton gives them a young prospect for next year, so they are not completely giving up this year's 1st round pick.  [Still not sure Dallas would go for this move, since Mahinmi and Jones may be worth more to them than this offer gives them.  They'd probably be more willing to move Haywood, but that would be a rotten contract for Orlando relative to his production and floor time.]

New Lineup:

Nelson / Arenas / ***
Igoudala / Redick / Dominique Jones
Turkoglu / ***
Brand / Anderson / Clark
Howard / Mahinmi

Alternate idea:
Jason Richardson goes with QRich to Dallas.  Caron Bulter and DeShawn Stevenson's expiring contracts go to Philadelphia plus Dallas' 1st-round pick.  This way Dallas gets more talent now and Philly gets more assets for the future.  This depends on the 76ers desire to play younger players versus making the playoff push with JRich on the team.

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