DISGUSTED. Absolutely disgusted..

I am disgusted with the Orlando Magic. Specifically, I am disgusted with Otis Smith.

Where is the "Sleeping Giant" you talked about with Gilbert Arenas?

Where is 30+ million over the salary cap toward an NBA Championship?

Whatever happened to Vince Carter?

The Miami Heat are absolutely clowning us tonight. They are making it look EASY. LeBron is going WWE Monday Night Raw out there, giving handouts to his teammates on a national stage.

I'm embarassed that I ever reneged on my claim that the Magic will lose Dwight Howard from this Gilbert Arenas trade. Because we will. I am certain of it. We will lose Howard and, more than likely, lose the franchise.

We've mortgaged the future of the franchise to bail out a couple of Otis Smith's buddies. To redeem a fallen All Star. TWICE. At least it only took a month to catch a glimpse of the future payoff. Nothing. Nada. Food stamps. I mean, didn't we learn this lesson the first time in the '09 Finals? The Magic are not a Championship-caliber team. Dwight Howard cannot carry a franchise to an NBA title. We know. We got it. We all saw the Los Angeles Lakers raise that banner.

And we all saw the Boston Celtics lose last year.

In case you forgot, they are won the Eastern Conference (easily) in six games.

An era is over in Orlando, Magic fans. The Dwight Howard Era that began so promisingly in 2004 is over. We're witnessing the death rattle.

My money says the Hawks finally send us home in the post-season. Then Dwight learns how to work the media. And suddenly everyone in Orlando, Florida is jealous of Clippers fans, and what they've found in Blake Griffin.

Give it seven years, Clippers fans. You'll learn.

If Orlando is fortunate enough to maintain an NBA franchise, I hope they figure out that Otis Smith is not the guy. And believe me, I had hope for the guy. But that was before the Vince Carter trade. That was before we drafted Fran Vazquez ahead of Danny Granger. I can't take this garbage anymore.

Can we not fastforward until Gilbert's career dies in Phoenix or New York or (God help me) Miami and Dwight signs with the Lakers and wins multiple NBA Championships and we, years later, get the first pick in the NBA Draft Lottery again?

Because lightning can strike a third time in Orlando...can't it?

can't it?

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