What does the future hold? for the Orlando Magic

Any of you stubborn Magic fans want to admit it yet? The Magic ARE NOT a Championship team. I say again, the Magic ARE NOT a Championship team. Can they make the playoffs? Sure. Will they make it to the second round? MAYBE. And that's a BIG MAYBE. In the event they make the second round, can they beat the Celtics, Heat, or Bulls? Simply put, NO. And for all you people that can't see the big picture, no this is not because of one game they loss to the lowly, and I mean lowly(14-41) Sacramento Kings. (Without their best player Tyreke Evans). This is because, we play poor team defense, we lack a true elite play maker, we lack size besides Dwight Howard(Troy Murphy is not the answer, so please spare your comments on saying we are getting him), and we lack all around athleticism. Our team is FULL of hot and cold shooters. Everyone is streaky, no consistency, again, besides Dwight. 

First let's get to this non-sense of signing Richardson to an extension. Seriously? He is absolutely awful as a defender. Just awful. At best he gives you 15-18 points on a "hot" night for him. That's certainly no guarantee either. Use his expiring contract to bring in someone, anyone. These rumors about ZBO (Zach Randolph), I say if it's on the table do it. But you never know with these rumors how credible they are. If not him, someone. Im sure there are plenty of teams looking to dump salary around the NBA. We might as well not be worried about that because thanks Turkoglu  (11 million) and Arenas (almost 18 million) a season for the next 3-4 years, the Magic wont be players in any sort of free agency anytime soon, and I don't think there is any GM around the league dumb enough to take on either one of those contracts, because neither player plays up to those earnings, not even close.

So what do we do? Did anyone get a chance to hear Dwight Howard after last nights game? 

"I've said everything there is to say, that's it I've talked every timeout, when we're in the huddle, in the locker room...what you want me to tweet about it? I've done everything I'm supposed to do as a leader."- Dwight Howard

"If guys don't want to play, they've got to sit down. We can't just have guys or anybody out there not playing hard."- Dwight Howard

Anyone second guessing the Summer of 2012 isn't on the back of his mind still? All his all star buddies are teaming up to form these championship teams, and he's stuck in Orlando, practically alone. Get this through your heads Magic fans, Executives, whoever reads this. The Magic need to acquire another superstar, or at least a significant upgrade of overall team talent, or Dwight is as good as gone, and history repeats itself. All you J.J Redick and Ryan Anderson lovers out there, get over it. Same with the Richardson and Nelson lovers. The Magic need to make a decision now, whether they want to move forward with Dwight, or start rebuilding. Don't be stubborn and disagree with me, think outside of your little box for just a moment. 

Scenarios: We make no moves this year, we are bounced in the maybe first round, Second Round. This causes Dwight to become even more upset, leading to a summer of disorganization for the franchise. You thought all that Carmelo drama was bad, and took too long? Wait until you see Dwight's. We may make a small move or two in the offseason, due to limited participation in free agency because of our great contracts for our mediocre players. Dwight leaves us as a free agent following next season, and the franchise crumbles, just like the Cavs.

We make a trade now, just to bring some new excitement and hope to the team that seems to be completely out of both right now. It may improve us, we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by trying. 

And last, we trade Dwight along with a couple other crappy contracts, for a lot of exciting young players with potential and draft picks, and the rebuilding stage begins.

For all of you who are, like I said before, too stubborn to open your eyes and realize what is happening right now, save your comments or feedback. 

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