CBA: Details

I spent about 30 minutes browsing the web for specifics on the CBA and came up pretty empty.  All the articles are the same.  Here's what I read.  (I changed the title of my post because in hindsight, the original was poorly contrived).


1. Neither side is motivated to make concessions yet.

2. Both sides are preparing for a lockout.

3. The NBA lost a few hundred million dollars last year.  The numbers move around depending on how your parse them, but the jist is that owners want a structure that will allow them to make profits instead of losses.

4. Some on the owners' side want a hard cap.  The players refuse.  Some say it will be bad for the league.  This should invite some discussion from OPP bloggers.

5. Stern says the franchise tag is not yet on the table, but people are talking about it. 

6. There are vague reports regarding salary reductions for players.

The reason for my post is this: I want to know what the players' union demands are.  But maybe that isn't the right way to phrase the question.  For all I know, the CBA is all about the owners making demands and the players deciding where to acquiesque and where to hold the line.  Are all the "demands" on the ownership side?  Who drives the process?  What is David Sterns' involvement and who does he more forcefully represent, if at all?  Sometimes the articles I read make it look like the owners always play offense and the players always play defense, by design.  I'm not sure if that is accurate, it's just a perception I get from the method of most of the reporting.

What I DON'T get from my research (and this is why I'm turning to you in OPP nation) are the specifics.  All of them.  Basketball is many things, but among them, it is a sport driven by statistics.  Fans want to know percentages and particulars about every minute detail, whether it regards players, teams, records or whatever.  To that end, the CBA is a big deal.  So, why is it that with this one huge elephant in the room, the only thing we're fed are over-arching summaries of the process? 

Bottom line: I'd like to know what the owners want and what the players want.  Details, details, details.  Numbers, too.  Numbers are like crack to an NBA fan.  If we're going to lose all or part of our next NBA season, then I want to discuss the ins and outs of the process leading to it.  This includes how a new agreement impacts the Magic roster and future trades.

Thanks for your input.


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