Is the team over the luxury tax already?

I was trying to figure out what the team can do to still add players. I keep my own spreadsheet on cap stuff and this is what I have so far.

J.Richardson $6,250,000

Howard $18,091,770

Turkoglu $11,015,850

Nelson $7,800,000

Redick $6,750,000

Duhon $3,500,000

Anderson $2,244,601

G.Davis $6,500,000


Orton $1,105,560

Q.Richardson $2,446,200

Wafer $1,200,000

Hughes $1,352,181

Pruitt $885,120

J.Harper $600,000

D.Liggins $600,000

Total $70,341,282

With Arenas $89,610,589


*Hughes vet minimum salary is from the last CBA for 10 yr vets. Same with Pruitt on a 3 yr vet. I doubt they keep both, if any, but its just for visual sake.

*I left Earl Clark's spot open. He has not been signed and does not count, but I would like for him to come back.

*JRich, Wafer, Harper, Liggins, and Davis are estimates.

*Keeping Arenas contract in mind is helpful because they still have to pay him, it just doesn't count towards the cap. If the Magic use a mid-level, they will pay 100 mil in salaries this year.(70+midlevel(5)+luxury tax(5)+Arenas)

*The cap this year is the same as last year: $58,044,000. The Luxury tax line is also the same: $70,307,000

*The team still does not have a legit backup Center. But are paying SG 17.2 mil(JRich, JJ, QRich, Wafer, Liggins).

Well what does all this mean? Like jtyler wrote in his excellent fanpost, Otis has got to go! There is absolutely no creativity with acquiring players. Its just pay and hope it works out. There is still time, but the JRich deal basically locks him in here because I don't think ANY team wants him for that long.

WARNING!!! I am about to rant about hypothetical trades and players from other teams. The next few paragraphs are my frustrations on what Otis is doing to this team and what I would do differently. I try to not go too crazy in acquiring all-stars, but I am on a sports blog.

Scenario 1- Trade for Francisco Garcia and Jason Thompson. Hey you know who is younger, cheaper, taller, and a better rebounder than Bass and Davis? Jason Thompson. You know who is also cheaper, taller, younger than JRich? Francisco Garcia, who also is a career 36% 3PT shooter. These guys would not get us into the finals, but would put the team in a better financial situation for the future. Thompson I believe is definitely attainable because they just signed Chuck Hayes, they have Cousins, traded for Hickson, drafted Honeycutt, and also have Hassan Whitside.

Scenario 2-Trade for Iguodala and Nocioni. Iggy has ran out his welcome, but I think the 76ers are waiting for the right deal. Probably would have to take a third team because the Magic just have overpaid role players(except Anderson, our las

t really good asset). I hate Nocioni but we would probably have to take his contract. He would also be a legit back SF, can shoot the 3 also.

Scenario 3-Trade for Kevin Martin. Im going to combine Martin and Iggy for 1 statement:

Martin makes 11 mil, Iggy makes 13. We are paying 5 SGs 17 mil and none are as good. What?!

There are also ideas with Josh Smith but I'm gettin mad. I just can't believe Otis gave JRich a 4 year deal when FA's are getting 2 yr deals(Y'know, because the tax penalties go up in 2 years. Otis knows this right?)Here is the lineup I would have preferred:

PG-Nelson, Pruitt,

SG-Garcia, QRich,Wafer(still picked up using Lewis TE), Liggins

SF-Turk, Harper

PF-Anderson, Clark

C-Howard, Thompson

Trade Bass for a nice backup wing. Waive Duhon. Still would need another good/all-star type player, but the contracts are not as toxic and Thompson could become something with us. An Anderson/Thompson package could be worth something to the right team. I hate Otis.

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