Orlando - Boston. Jan. 28, 2010 recap


 These are my observations watching Boston-Orlando on Jan 28, 2010 in Orlando. 

 First thing I would like to say is that I’ve never done this before, and I have a much greater respect for Ben Q, Zach from the O.S., and Eddy Rivera from Magic basketball because this took more time on one little thing than I can afford.  These guys spit out great articles daily and that must take some great skill. 

 I didn’t include hardly any stats.  I just watched and wrote what I perceived to be notable plays.  This is in response to this question I asked a couple of days ago.

I thought including any Gortat mistake would help balance me praising him.

 I’m starting to think Gortat was just having an amazing night.  But he seems capable of these nights when given the opportunity (remember Philly game 6) He looked Dwightish throughout (cancel that. Dwight looked way too good this game to be compared with anyone).


My biased observations saw the PF position to be Orlando’s biggest weakness with Lewis and Anderson.  The exact opposite happened with Gortat and Howard.  Orlando played bigger and Boston’s post game was affected.  Lewis played very well against Pierce at the SF position.

 This was only one game.   I’m embarrassed to say that I missed the first two or three games of the Boston playoff series cause I was in Mongolia.  Eddy Rivera stated that Gortat and Howard played together in those games unsuccessfully.   

 Finally, I will never write anything like this again if I’m lucky.  It’s Friday night in Tainan, I have a finance report I should be working on, and I’m beat.  Luckily, not going out tonight ensures I can keep my 9 a.m. tennis appointment tomorrow morning.


1st Quarter

Matt Barnes open and unguarded but can’t score

Garnett is killing Lewis with jump shots

Howard is single teamed and taking his shots

Nelson scoring in transition at will mid-first quarter.  10 straight points and all happen before Boston can get set on defense.  Howard is on the bench.

Wallace scoring at will on Lewis

Lot’s of passes and no open shots leading to turnovers later in the first.  Matt Barnes losing the ball three straight possessions.

Lewis left Baby open. 2 points.  Rasheed 3 on Lewis.

Very impressive three by Redick near end of quarter.   

Nelson, Redick, and Howard great in the first but not nearly enough.   Barnes and Lewis handled.

Orlando Magic down by 11.


2nd quarter

Wallace dominating on offense and defense.   Steals two Howard entry passes.  Not going to miss him at all.

Pietrus bad shot. 

Getting burned at the PF position on D with Anderson in.  Anderson two good offensive plays. 

Gortat cleans up very nicely on Anderson’s poor defense.  6:17 in the second Q.

Redick has had two poor shot attempts recently.  Now out of the game.

Gortat another monster block and gets fouled.  Wow. 

Scalabrine is in.  Shaved his head.  Not sure which one suprises me more.

Redick is back.  Missed a good look.

Gortat flies and blocks Paul.  WTF?  Almost steals the inbound pass.

Redick misses wide open three.   Anderson rebound and fouled.

Garnett’s back.  Makes jogging down the court look difficult.

Nelson took 2nd quarter off.  No points and hardly saw him.  Down by 11.  1 assist for Orlando credited to Boston’s defense.


3rd Quarter

Pierce doesn’t even take Barnes seriously.  Barnes misses wide open three.

Allen 5 straight points.  7 for 7.

Boston runs the worst 24 seconds I’ve ever seen.  Rondo hits a silly fade away. 6:20

Matt Gukous (spelling) says Howard plays better defense than Russell.  I don’t know Russell, but Howard is completely shutting down the paint.  Remarkable.

Beautiful Jameer Lewis pick roll.  Lewis great offensive quarter (9 or 16 points)

Jameer is playing a different game since the first quarter.   Not good.

Matt Barnes doesn’t belong in this game.  Q-Rich significant?  Probably a slew of plays Van Gundy can’t run with Barnes in the game.

11 point Boston lead


4th Quarter

Gortat and Howard have length on Baby and Rasheed.  Good defense early.

2 3’s by Williams.  3 Gortat free throws.  5 point lead.

Gortat, Howard team up for bad defense.   Gortat foul, Howard goal tend.

Gortat and Howard have size on Perk and Garnett.  Shows on defense.

Gortat offensive rebound.  Howard 2 points.  7 straight for him.  Now 9 straight on lucky shot.

Lewis SF.  Magic and C’s back and forth staying around a 5 point lead.

Lewis 3 over Pierce.

Gortat great D on Wallace.

Gortat short banker.  Tie game.

Bad Gortat defense.

Redick fouled on three.  Reggie Miller is so annoying as an announcer!  Magic lead.  4 min. left.

Great Gorat defense on driving P.P.  Another Magic rebound.

Lewis!  With an ounce of room.  He’s really attacking the basket in 2nd half.

Gortat and Howard get switched on D.  Howard handles Garnett as usual.  Boston looked small.  Howard has 11 in the quarter.

The truth is the truth.  Carter has delivered clutch but anyone would if they had enough chances.   I personally think he usually gets nervous.

Redick and Williams not adequate to guard Rondo pick and roll.  3 point C’s lead.  50 sec. left.

Redick nasty nasty nasty 3!!! Cold blooded.  Bill Simmons and Tim Legler just puked.  Tie game.  Redick obvious upgrade at the end of game over Carter (on offense.) (they are playing together in a very small Orlando line up).

Lewis layup past Garnett on Garnett mistake and maybe knee injury.  It happened slowly and it seems Garnett’s mind is what’s hurting the most from the missed games.  Looked like he was expecting Lewis to pass it out.

Rasheed air ball.  Game over.  Barnes, Lewis, Howard, Redick, and Jameer play last defensive stand which is shocking to me.


M.V.P. of game - Dwight Howard.  Played fantastic defense all game.  Can he be underrated?   If he didn’t  score one point, he stilled would have been the MVP of the game.

Honorable mention – Rashard Lewis.  Played aggressive and attacked the basket. 

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