What should the Magic do with the BAE?

The Orlando Magic's roster is nearly complete. As it stands now we have 12 players signed. It is reasonable to assume that the Magic will pick up one more player. The questions is whether said player will be signed for the vet minimum or with our remaining Bi Annual Exception. Its also worth noting the BAE can be split up among 2 players if the Magic so desired. I have compiled a short list of desired candidates after the jump (always wanted to do that) but first Here's a look at the current roster and salary breakdown.


In no particular order is UFA Joe Alexander. Most know of him from his impressive senior season at WVU and by his not so impressive season as a Buck/Bull. If you don't know who this guy is there is a reason for that. He really hasn't done much to date. Click here for his stats. However here are my reasons to be optimistic. Alexander boasts impressive athleticism which is evident in this video for the candidacy of the 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk competition. (he lost the nomination to Rudy Fernandez) With his athleticism aside Alexander has also shown some decent range (35% from 3) albeit from a VERY limited sample size. He should be considered a stretch power forward in the NBA at 6'8 230. This is also painfully obvious in that he predominately (only) has a face up game and struggles rebounding the basketball. Being 24 he still has room for growth and in the right system may have better success. Some might say we already have Ryan Anderson? Why would we need a slightly older worse version of him? My answer would be-- damn that's a good question lemme think about that one...

Umm... still thinking but one with the next option




As some may remember I had/have a major man crush on Von Wafer during last years FA period. There was so much to like about Wafer on his last year in the NBA. He finally earned some playing time with the Houston Rockets and produced. In 19 minutes a game, he scored 10 pts. a game with 45% shooting. He also shot an unexpected 39% from 3. This performance landed him a big money contract of 2 years 10 million from the Greek club Olympiacos. There was no way any NBA team would have offered anything close to that so he took it and jumped the pond. Wafer then subsequently bombed in Europe and was released after just one year making him an UFA. I am a little worried about the fact he couldn't cut it in Europe which is far less talented than the NBA. There are always outside factors in why players dont succeed in certain situations. Maybe he was homesick, not used to the Euro game, etc. Whatever the case is Von is probably desperate to come back to America and the NBA. Now that he's gotten the money he didnt deserve perhaps he'd be more willing to work for it with the Magic.



Patty Mills is quite possibly the most intriguing player on this list. He has shown flashes of brilliance (20 pts. for his AUS national team vs. USA in the Beijing quarterfinals) but isn't highly regarded by the NBA (drafted 25 in the 2nd round, relegated to Portland's D-League) This leads me to believe that Portland doesn't place much importance in retaining him. So can he be had for the full BAE? Should we try to snag him for the full BAE? I really don't know. I do know that we are still looking for a 3rd PG. I personally want a young developmental guard as our third. Ryan Anderson is really the only young prospect on our team that has any chance to improve/contribute for the Magic (yes I'm including Orton idk what you all say he looks utterly clueless in all areas 'end rant')

So I really want to hear what you all think. And LOOK this thread didn't even mention Chris Pau... DAMN IT!!!


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