Would CP3 really be that bad?

I'm sure most of you have heard that Chris Paul wants to go to the Magic.  Ultimately, it would be something of a trade, and not to say that I know anything, this is something of speculation so who would the Magic trade?  Would the Hornets just offer Chris Paul?

A lot of people speculate that they would offer Emeka Okafor with Chris Paul to get rid of his contract, with those two contracts it would probably mean that the Magic would have to give up a relatively large number of contracts or Vince Carter plus a few.  Who do the Magic have to offer?  Well, if Chris Paul is coming, do the Magic keep Jameer NelsonOne option may be Nelson, Brandon Bass (who wants playing time or to be traded anyways), Mickael Pietrus, and Marcin Gortat (who I imagine the Hornets would ask for).  Another option may be Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus, and Brandon Bass.  Would that really be that bad?  Hrm...


Assuming scenario 1 (I'm actually more in favor of this):

You now feasibly have a starting lineup of Chris Paul, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, Emeka Okafor, and Dwight Howard.  The bench would be significantly thinner, but you still have Chris Duhon, J.J. Redick, Quentin Richardson, Ryan Anderson, and Daniel Orton coming off the bench, plus anyone you could sign at the Veteran's minimum.  Would that be so bad?  On paper, it looks okay.  Okafor could switch off to center, like Pau Gasol and the Lakers, sliding Lewis back to PF or bring in Ryan Anderson.  Now the question ends up being, can Okafor coexist next to Howard?  While they would be a monstrous rebounding team, the question may be the offense, or lack thereof in the low post.  I know Howard doesn't have a mid-range game to support Okafor in the post, but maybe Okafor is decent enough from 10-12 feet out to be semi-legitimate?  It would be a much more traditional roster, but would it be too much of a change for SVG's playsets?  You would have to change around how the Magic play, but you would have some pretty nice pick-and-roll options with Chris Paul, though the question of whether or not Vince Carter becomes redundant as a triple-threat option would be raised, and whether or not he can work as a catch-and-shoot kind of guy.


Assuming scenario 2

We all like Jameer Nelson, but can we really play him as a combo guard, and is he really efficient enough to be effective as a backup?  With Vince Carter gone, you can slide Quentin Richardson to SG or start J.J. Redick.  Most of the other questions above are still the same, though you do retain the depth of Marcin Gortat. 

I suppose the ultimate question then would be (assuming that Okafor is offered with Paul) ends up being who is too much.  I don't know that I mind Bass going, but would Gortat be too much?  Do the Magic want to keep Marcin Gortat?  or Mickael Pietrus at that?

Again, this is just speculation, I really don't have any other information, but I really just wanted to pose a question that people and Otis Smith need to think about if there is any real substance to these rumors.

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