The Magical Realities

With news that All-World PG Chris Paul wants Orlando as his first choice I think the following scenarios are highly likely. You can call me crazy or a homer or an idiot, but when you step back and look at all the possibilities I think this is possible. I don't think Jameer is sent to New Orleans. I really don't. They want to dump salary and already have a PG who they believe will become their new franchise PG. I believe Jameer will be packaged in a separate trade with another team involving the Magic. I believe the package for Chris Paul will be:

Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat, Ryan Anderson, Daniel Orton, two first round draft picks, and two second round picks.

Would I rather trade Bass? Yes, but Ryan Anderson has a really cheap contract. With only one year. As far as the draft picks, when you have two of the best players in the world under 25 you don't care about the draft. New Orleans gets someone they can market, face it Carter is not total garbage just had a bad series against the Celtics and an overall disappointing season. He is still above average and you can market him.

Magic receive:

Omeka Okafor, James Posey, and the throw in Chris Paul(just kidding)

Magic owners have deep pockets are convinced the time is not to win a championship. Paul and Howard would beat Miami Thrice. But that is debatable.Plus having Paul would allow Rashard Lewis to have the type of seasons he had when Turk was passing him the ball. Paul has the best court vision in the NBA.



I love Jameer. I have watched him since college and was crushed when he missed the shot against Oklahoma State. When we drafted him I was in tears. I don't think anyone in Orlando loves him more than me, and if I could have my way I would swap Carter for Carmelo and keep Jameer as my point. But when the possiblities come that you can grab the best point guard in the world, no one is even close don't care what anyone says, you have to take it. And now this trade has to happen. It is in the media too much. This deal has to happen due to the fact you can't have disgruntled players in the small locker room that is a NBA locker room. Now where do send Jameer? Memphis.

Orlando gets OJ Mayo and Mike Conley, Jr.

Memphis gets Jameer and a second round draft pick.

OJ Mayo is what he is. He won't be an All-Star but he will not be the third best player on a championship team. He is a very nice role player. Memphis would a get a team leader, an All-Star point guard, all at relatively cheap price. Memphis can trade Mayo due to the signing of Tony Allen. Jameer, Tony Allen, Rudy Gay, Randolph, and Marc Gasol is a pretty good team. Plus Jameer would have an even bigger chip on his big shoulders. Call me nuts, but I don't see this a fantasy. I think this is the way the events unfold. Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. But neither of these teams gets totally screwed. New Orleans gets cap relief, young talent and bunches of draft picks(they draft pretty well so this is a major plus for them). Memphis gets the point guard they so desperately need. Orlando gets to finally pair Dwight with a top five player in the NBA. If we win the finals, I still say we send rings to any of the guys that gets traded, especially Jameer. Thoughts??

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