Should Magic make a move for Shaq?

I know Howard and Shaq have had their tiffs, and Shaq is over the hill. But  I also know that Shaq is the only back up center(maybe only other center period when Yao is hurt) that can make the offense work the same way Dwight does. Shaq can score on his own down low probably at an even more efficient rate than Howard. The problem is he can't play big minutes and he's a liability vs the pick and roll on defense. The magic can mitigate this by throwing their most athletic defenders (bass/pietrus/reddick) in the line up with him.

For the people who clamor for Gortat/Howard twin tower line up, This would be twice as dominant inside. I know its a lineup that would only get used situationally(think Lakers Bynum gaurded by Shaq, Pau by Howard.) Howard would have to slide to the 4 simply because Shaq can't, but the possibilities of how dominant the rebounding inside COULD be  potentially completely offsets every negative effect playing these two together. Additionally its a front court thats impossible bully and I honestly believe Shaq would throw Alleys for Howard when he got doubled while Howard is NOT skilled enough to do the same.

At the very worst your offense still works like it normally does when Howard is out, which should make the offense in general more smooth for the rest of the crew since they won't need to completely adjust the offense just  because Howard picked up 2 fouls. As a back up center, no one in the league makes more sense basketball wise.

To me it comes down to egos because the move is doable. I don't think there is many teams that turn down Gortat + Ryan Anderson(or bass, or pietrus) for Shaq in a sign and trade. And thats what makes this Idea so intriguing to me, its one of those things that easily could and should happen. Shaq has the craftiness that Howard is missing and if the other team is just trying to bully Howard, put Shaq in to make sure the whistles start blowing because Shaq is going to either get his basket or get a foul quickly where Howard is just as likely to step away from the defense, get fouled without drawing the call and miss the shot. No team would be able to beat the magic using toughness inside. The idea of Shaq scoring against guys worn out from guarding Howard makes me feel happy inside.

So guys, how about it? 


*** Edit ***

Some people seem to have forgotten who Shaq is. To people saying Shaq can't set screens here's him knocking the soul out of Gerald Wallace:

For people saying he doesn't have the mobility to work in our offense here he is in an offense more mobile than he'd ever be required to be at phoenix(setting screens dunking and passing:)

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