A look forward to the draft

As we approach the end of the NBA season, it comes time to look forward to the next opportunity to pick up new players, the NBA draft. The Magic have two picks this year, at #29 and #59. The Magic cannot trade their first-round pick unless they get another first-round pick (as they didn't have a pick last year due to the Alston acquisition). So, what should the Magic be looking for, and what's likely to be available?

The first thing to consider is what the Magic already have. Barring any re-signings or trades, the Magic's roster for next year currently is:

PG: Nelson

SG: Carter(/Pietrus)

SF: Pietrus(/Lewis)

PF: Lewis/Anderson/Bass

C: Howard/Gortat(/Bass)

The frontcourt is currently deep, but the backcourt needs reinforcement. I'm expecting Barnes to opt out of his contract, in hopes of getting a multi-year deal somewhere. Hopefully we'll keep RFA JJ Redick, so our obvious gaps will be at backup PG and at SF.

Ridiculous Upside has their latest mock draft available, and the Draft Combine's shooting drill results are available. From looking at these, who should be available around our #29 pick, and who'd be worth taking? Here are a few guys I've had my eyes on the last few weeks:

PG Eric Bledsoe, Kentucky: Bledsoe made 60% of his 3-point shots at the Combine, and shot fairly well on the timed set, although his right elbow to baseline numbers were low.

SF/PF Stanley Robinson, Connecticut: Robinson's older (senior), and not an outside shooter. If he falls to us, I'd consider him just for athleticism, but he's among my least favorite potential picks.

PG Willie Warren, Oklahoma: Warren was ridiculous. 72% from 3 at the Combine, and a scorching 76.7% overall. He's a moderate risk/high upside pick.

SG Terrico White, Ole Miss: We don't need a SG per se, but White is a 6'5" guard with decent ball-handling skills, and is an excellent overall athlete, having played football, baseball, and track in high school. If, for some reason, we don't re-sign Redick, White could be a good pick based on potential.

SG/PG Dominique Jones, South Florida: Jones is a 6'4" combo guard who's thought to project as being an undersized SG more than a PG. He's strong and has good court vision, but isn't noted for quickness and doesn't have much of a verical game. I could see him fitting in well with our offense, although he's a bit less accurate from long range than I'd like.

Of course, not knowing what Otis is planning, nobody can be sure of who's where on the draft list, but I would be surprised if any of those guards aren't somewhere on it. Robinson might not be, but he could be near the bottom of the list.

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