Why The King Remains Ringless??? & Boston vs Orlando, Exciting!!!


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The Cleveland Cavaliers were riding high coming into the post season with the best regular season record at 61-21, the best basketball player in the world and two-time MVP, LeBron James, and a strong backing from the sports media. Then an aged, but very experienced Boston Celtics team came into play led by the spotlight stealer, Rajon Rondo.

The Celtics may have had a tough regular season, but no one should have underestimated this team in the postseason, especially with veterans Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. The Celtics took advantage of their matchup problems they caused for the Cavs from Keving Garnett to Rajon Rondo.

The story about this series is not on Boston going to head to Orlando for an Eastern Conference Finals match-up, or what caused the Cavs to lose to the Celtics. The story was about LeBron’s free agency, and yes everybody wants to know where he is going to end up. I don’t care right now, and won’t care until anything can even happen, which is July 1, 2010. This LeBron free agency talk will be dragged out over 6 weeks, and I am already tired of it.

The real problem with the Cavs was that LeBron’s teammates become stagnate when he handles the ball. The Cavs had nobody creating any screens, or cutting!  Boston had Ray Allen continuously moving, and Perkins or Garnett setting screens. LeBron’s supporting cast just stood there and basically said LeBron pull us out of this, and win this series on your own. Lebron had a triple double consisting of 27 points, 19 rebounds, and 10 assists. He did have 9 turnovers, but he still produced a triple double. LeBron does receive a lot of blame for not firing his team, and he didn’t seem to ooze hunger for a championship. His supporting cast took on his style and didn’t fight for that championship. The harder working team, Boston Celtics, deserves and took this series away from Boston. Boston earned the right to return to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Boston Celtics took this series and are heading to the Orlando Magic for a tough Eastern Conference Finals series. The match-ups in the regular series are relatively even in all categories, and the largest point differential win was by nine points. Some key points regarding advantages that both teams have upon each other are the following:

Boston Celtics:


  • Kevin Garnett needs to take Rashard Lewis into the post.
  • Rajon Rondo needs to continue to create for Boston, and make Jameer Nelson work on defense.
  • Throw bodies at Dwight Howard, and give him multiple looks.
  • Use Rasheed as a center to drag Dwight out of the paint.
  • Tony Allen needs to continue defending well.


Orlando Magic:


  • Rashard Lewis needs to bring Garnett out to the perimeter and continue hitting 3-pointers.
  • Jameer Nelson needs to make Rajon Rondo work on defense, and he needs to continue jumpstarting the Magic.
  • Dwight needs to stay out of foul trouble, and not get into a shoving contest with the Boston Bigs!
  • Dwight Howard needs to continue rolling on offensive, and defensive dominance.
  • Stan Van Gundy needs to keep emphasis on DEFNESE!!!
  • The bench needs to keep producing and bringing that faster pace game, with Williams leading the charge!
  • Vince Carter needs to defend the cutting Ray Allen well.
  • Matt Barnes needs to defend Paul pierce well.
  • Mickael Pietrus needs to keep producing as the Magic’s sixth-man.
  • JJ Redick needs to play that great Defense on Ray Allen, like last year in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.
  • Orlando’s perimeter players need to continue knocking down 3’s.


I really see this series as a great one, and I don’t see a Magic sweep here, but I hope for a sweep. The game should bring a rough and rugged defensive play. Paul Pierce said that Boston has multiple guys that can be their star and produce, but he made the mistake of placing the Magic in the group of teams that depend on a superstar, and ours is Dwight Howard! The Magic have many weapons, and I guess Paul Pierce did not see that Charlotte series where Dwight and Vince were struggling, yet others stepped up and produce. Boston must take Orlando seriously, and Orlando needs to do the same towards Boston.

Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson were the two that stayed and watch as the Lakers celebrated on their home court last year, and it seems that image has created this hunger in them!!! Vince sees this is his best chance to get a ring and championship, and Dwight Howard wants to validify himself as one of the greats of the game. I believe Orlando will take this series in a tough contest and return to the NBA Finals for a second consecutive year in 6 games. Let me know what you think!!!

Here It Is & Remember I loved watching LeBron fail again, the King has no Ring!!!

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