Return of The 'Mac?

No, I don't mean the hit late 90's song by Mark Morrison, I mean Tracy McGrady wanting to come back to Orlando.

He was quoted last night after a loss in POR about a possibility in returning to Orlando next season. I don't know about you, but for the right price, I just think it's right to bring Tracy back home even more than how Iverson was welcomed back to Philly.


PORTLAND, Ore. -- Tracy McGrady said he would love to sign next season with Orlando, where he hails from, and ripped the former Magic president who traded him.

"Of course because it's home, that's home," McGrady said yesterday before the Knicks' 118-90 loss to the Blazers at Rose Garden. "I hated it that I left. I hated I left because I established myself there and made a name for myself. It was a situation where the GM [John Weisbrod] that was there made a huge mistake."

Weisbrod, whose has since been fired, traded McGrady in 2004 in a deal for Steve Francis.


"They got him out of there because he was out of his mind," McGrady said of Weisbrod.

McGrady said he is still unsure of team president Donnie Walsh's intentions, but feels he will still be "great" next season when he has a full summer of strengthening his legs.

"I think it's possible they'll get back to The Finals," McGrady said. "And if you add me to the mix, I like Orlando. We'll see."



     With all the rosters that GM Weisbrod and GM Gabriel put together that didn't work out to be winners with Tracy on the roster, I personally feel like he could fit in here and finally have the quality players around him to be successful. Obviously, he's had some injuries and he's having one HELL of a season with HOU/NYK but I think a reunion here (as well as with his cousin Vince Carter) would be a good one as long as the price is right.

     A look at back 200-2004: The Magic went 21-61 with Lue/McGrady/Giricek/JHowarc/DeClerq (starting) and a supporting cast of Strickland/Stevenson/Hill (sometimes)/Gooden/Hunter on the bench. When Juwan Howard is your team's next best player, there might be a problem. At the time, GM Weisbrod also criticized Tracy for being heartless and selfish (wish I personally did not see) and traded him away for the Houston boys (Francis/Mobley/Cato). At the time, we also drafted a young Dwight Howard, whom, none of us really saw becoming the beast that he is today. It's true, Tracy wanted out because we didn't get Okafor, who at the time was fresh off of an NCAA championship with the UConn Huskies. If anything, I don't blame T-Mac for wanting Okafor instead of a young HS prospect, but I think Tracy should have at least tried to stay for half a season and then request for a trade. All in all, I just think he deserves to finally have the quality supporting cast that the didn't have around him back then.

     To be honest, I don't really know where he'd fit in considering the fact that VC is the starter and JJ is a very good substitute at that position. At the SF, we have Barnes and Pietrus being the defensive and physical players that we need. That leaves us with the always shaky PG position. Nelson is going to start for us make no mistake but Tracy has proven that he can be a very serviceable play maker and at 6-8, we could very well have the mismatch that Hedo created (a tall play maker). The NYK have tried him out at the PG position and he has done well at that position.

I know it's too early to talk about this but I've been a fan of his all these years (no homo) and I personally would like to see him come home for one last run, maybe this time things will be different.

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