Could Otis & Dwight get LeBron to Orlando this summer?

We are all familiar with the chatter about whether or not LeBron stays in Cleveland or hits the free agent market.  Teams have cleared cap space to make a run at LBJ (and/or Dwayne Wade, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, etc.).  Lately, commentators have questioned whether or not the teams that cleared out cap space can offer a roster that gives LeBron better pieces to contend for multiple championships than what he already has in Cleveland.

Secondly, in the comments on a recent thread erivera7 mentioned that JJ Redick could be resigned as the heir apparent at starting SG, but such a move would necessitate getting a premier wing at the SF position.  Who is more premier at SF than LeBron James?  No one.  So, I got thinking about Otis and Dwight making a pitch to LeBron.  And if LBJ wants to come play alongside Dwight and the other assembled pieces in Orlando, what kind of pitch would it take to Danny Ferry to get him to pull the trigger rather than just telling LeBron, "don't let the door hit you on the way out"?

So, let's say LeBron wants to play with the young, dominating big man, Dwight Howard, without state income tax, in a brand new arena, on a team put together for multiple championship runs with a serious/elite coach....that's already defending its Finals' title (okay, okay, that last one is still TBD).

To get LeBron, Otis ought to be willing to part with anyone not named Dwight.  Right?   This offer is pretty tilted for Cleveland, but this is LBJ, so in the final analysis, ORL gets the better package.  Nonetheless, even with LeBron in the driver's seat as far as the Cavs, I'm leaning toward making it sweet for CLE to avoid losing the deal to one of the cap-cleared teams.  With this, Danny Ferry doesn't end up looking like such a jerk, because (1) LeBron himself pushes the issue, and (2) the Cavs get something in return.....small consolation for setting up another team in the East for a dynasty.  And, I recognize that one reason Ferry would not do this is that it would upset the "balance of power" in the East, but not significantly more than letting LeBron team up with Bosh, Wade, or Amare on one of the cap-cleared teams.  Just throwing it out to get the OPP community's feedback.

Here's the package:

  • Take on Antawn Jamison's contract (I said it tilted toward CLE, didn't I?)
  • Vince Carter ($17.3M in 10/11, $4M buyout in 11/12)
  • $3M Cash towards the 11/12 buyout of Carter's contract (thus giving CLE one year of Carter instead of two years of Jamison)
  • Marcin Gortat (young, experienced defensive center/PNR player fills the hole left by the expirings of Shaq/Big Z)
  • Ryan Anderson (3-point shooting PF on a rookie salary....per36 numbers have been better than Rashard Lewis.  I know few OPP faithful want to give up Ryan, but again, this is LeBron we're talking about.)
  • 2010 1st round drafted player (CLE essentially recovers completely from the Jamison deal)
  • Potentially give TPEs (from the Hedo TPE) for Telfair or Gibson (prefer Gibson) AND Moon or Parker to get CLE out of their contracts.  Cannot do Gibson + Moon since it is just over the total of the TPE, but the other combos work.

Essentially, Vince, Gortat, Anderson, 2010 1st, TPE for LeBron, Jamison, Telfair or Gibson, Parker or Moon

CLE saves another ~$4.5 million off the cap (giving them close to $10M for the summer, plus the TPEs) and has 6 expiring contracts for the summer of 2011 (marked with an "x" in the depth chart below).

xJawad Williams/xMoon
Gortat/Varajao (or Varajao/Gortat)

+ $10M Free Agent(s) & ORL's 1st round pick

Nelson/Williams (re-signed)/Telfair (or Gibson)
Redick (re-signed)/Parker (or Moon)
Howard/Bass/vet 7ft'er

At this cost, if Barnes opts out, he'd have to be let go.  Orlando goes deeper into the tax next year, but boy can they sell out the new arena and count on playoff ticket sales each year.

I know if this happened many would say we would have been better off just signing Hedo.

And, yes, I know it is a little early for off-season threads.  Oh well.  Wanted to get Otis thinking about this daydream early.

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