Looking for a wing sharpshooter

Since speculative trades are a significant hobby around here, and there's criticism about the offensive prowess of our small forwards, I decided to look briefly at who's a better long-range shooter than our current pair, and what it would take in purely contract-balancing terms to get each of those players. I don't have enough of an ear to the ground to know what various teams are looking for. Some guys are just flat out untradeable, though, so I won't even bother with star players on rival teams. They'll just get a "Next."

Mickael Pietrus, surprisingly enough, is the 13th-best three-point shooting small forward by shooting percentage. The better SFs are:

1. Jared Dudley, Phoenix. Dudley makes almost nothing by NBA standards. Money wise, we could either trade Ryan Anderson straight up or Anthony Johnson for Dudley and bench-warmer Taylor Griffin. The first wouldn't make sense for Orlando, the second wouldn't make sense for Phoenix.

2. Paul Pierce, Boston. Next.

3. Ryan Gomes, Minnesota. A decent player signed to a team that isn't going anywhere. Again looking money wise, Brandon Bass for Gomes would work. Given that they have Love, I don't know if it would be considered.

4. Ron Artest, Los Angeles. Next.

5. Peja Stojakovic, New Orleans. Good grief, he's overpaid. It would take something along the lines of Brandon Bass and Anthony Johnson and Mickael Pietrus to balance salaries.

6. Omri Casspi, Sacramento. I don't think the Kings are interested in trading him, but they have cap space that would allow a Casspi for Johnson trade to work.

7. Hedo Turkoglu, Toronto. Irony, thy name is Turk. Bass + Pietrus would fit salary-wise, but I can't see this happening. I'd laugh my head off while cussing out Otis if we took on his contract.

8. Carmelo Anthony, Denver. Next.

9. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City. Next.

10. Donte Greene, Sacramento. Seriously, Sacramento has two of the top ten long-range sharpshooting SFs. Greene's even less expensive than Casspi, and can also be had for Johnson's expiring contract.

11. Martell Webster, Portland. Brandon Bass' contract is roughly equivalent to Webster's, and he's more than just a sniper.

12. LeBron James, Cleveland. Um. Next, I guess, but we're out of guys that shoot from long range better than Pietrus.


Barnes is "only" 24th in the league at SF for three-point shooting. I won't go into trades for each of the players between Peaches and Matt Barnes, but they are:

Gerald Wallace

Carlos Delfino

Richard Jefferson

Maurice Evans

Danny Granger

Chase Budinger

James Posey

Rudy Gay

Mike Dunleavy

Trevor Ariza

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