If You Have the $$$ and Want to Revamp the's one idea.

The Magic's current skid of six losses in 10 games has not put coach Stan Van Gundy's job in jeopardy. League sources said Van Gundy is on solid ground. The same cannot be said about most of the roster. An NBA source described Orlando GM Otis Smith as "active" in trade talks and said the Magic could look to reshape their roster before the Feb. 18 trade deadline.

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So trades are on the table?  I originally posted a version of this at RealGM a few weeks ago and didn't get a whole lot of either push back or feedback (some King's fans said no, some said yes, and Philly fans didn't really weigh in).  I know it is VERY unlikely that the Magic make any trades (in fact, I think the team will work out its issues without any moves...barring injury). And, I imagine Eddy and Ben will quickly veto these trades as a bad idea, and they're probably right.  I tried to think realistically for each franchise involved, but I confess it may be a little Magic-centric.  Maybe we wrest some draft picks out of another team, but I actually shot low in order to make the idea more appealing for other teams.  So, for the sake of kicking something around for fun on an off day:


ORL-SAC-PHI-CHI Trade Idea (includes Carter, Igoudala, Brand, Hinrich, and others).  Give it a read.

ORL out:
C - Marcin Gortat (to SAC),
PF/C - Brandon Bass (to PHI),
SF/SG - Mickael Pietrus (to CHI),
SG - Vince Carter (to PHI),
PG - Anthony Johnson (to PHI),
$6.2M TPE (to PHI),
2010 1st Round Pick (to PHI)

ORL in:
PF/C - Elton Brand (from PHI),
SF - Ime Udoka (from SAC),
SF - Jason Kapono (from PHI via TPE),
SG - Andre Igoudala (from PHI),
PG - Kirk Hinrich (from CHI)

ORL: Igoudala > Carter for ORL. Younger, can still finish at the rim, good APG, better defender.  Not as good a 3pt. shooter, but I think his other pluses balance out this minus, even with our 1-in/4-out offense.

The cost of getting Iggy is taking on Elton Brand (who has to play mostly at the 5...but some of PHI's most statistically successful lineups have Brand at the 5) and Jason Kapono (if there is a team that his one skill--3pt shooting--fits, it is ORL).  Alternately, could ship Kapono (2011 expiring) to SAC for Garcia (2014 expiring, though I wouldn't if I were SAC) if they want to create more financial flexibility for the future.   I think Brand's post game would work in the 1-in/4-out system even though he is a little undersized for a center.  And, I think with a post-oriented PF of Brand's skill, Stan could probably come up with some floor time for Howard and Brand together.

ORL gives up Gortat to SAC in order to get the Kenny Thomas contract for Philly and Sergio Rodriguez to the Bulls (for Hinrich replacement).

Bass goes to PHI to give the Sixers front court depth at a better price than Brand (or to CHI if the Bulls want to move Tyrus to PHI and juggle the deal).

Pietrus goes to CHI to get Kirk Hinrich who is for ORL a combination of good perimeter/PG defender (debatable if he's better than Jameer at this point in their careers) and a pass-first PG, which moves Nelson's scoring to the 2nd unit and keeps Dwight's friend on the team.   We lose Pietrus as a defender, but picking up Igoudala should balance (or maybe even improve) that.  Not sure how much burn J-Will gets once Jameer is healed.  Hinrich can, in a pinch, slide up and play the 2.

Ime Udoka is backup insurance at the SF and to give ORL 13 players. He and Kapono likely compete to make the playoff roster. Including Udoka delays the whole trade until Feb 3, because of the 90-day rule.

Adonal Foyle likely sees the court a little more now as a true center and seven-footer.

Oh, did I mention, this is VERY, VERY expensive for ORL.

Kirk Hinrich / Jameer Nelson / Jason Williams*
Andre Igoudala / JJ Redick**
Matt Barnes*** / Jason Kapono*** (or Francisco Garcia) / Ime Udoka*
Rashard Lewis / Ryan Anderson
Dwight Howard / Elton Brand / Adonal Foyle*

[* = expiring contract; ** = RFA; *** = player option for next season]

SAC out:
PF - Kenny Thomas (to PHI),
SF - Ime Udoka (to ORL),
PG/SG - Sergio Rodriguez (to CHI)

SAC in:
C - Marcin Gortat (from ORL),
PG/SG - Royal Ivey (from PHI)

SAC: Gets a defensive, shot-blocking center in Gortat who can split time at the 5 with Hawes (or play beside him in stretches). They do NOT give up any of their essential young core or draft picks and can look for a PF in the offseason or with another trade (Garcia?).

Kenny Thomas' expiring goes to PHI to help ORL get Brand/Igoudala.

Royal Ivey comes from PHI (rather than Anthony Johnson from ORL) because he is more of combo guard and that seems to be the role Sergio played.  Plus a guy named "Royal" should play for the Kings.

Tyreke Evans / Beno Udrih / Royal Ivey*
Kevin Martin / Donte Greene
Omri Casspi / Andres Nocioni / Francisco Garcia (or Jason Kapono)
Jason Thompson / Jon Brockman* / Sean May*
Marcin Gortat / Spencer Hawes

PHI out:
PF/C - Elton Brand (to ORL),
SF - Jason Kapono (to ORL),
SG - Andre Igoudala (to ORL),
PG/SG - Royal Ivey (to SAC)

PHI in:
PF/C - Kenny Thomas (from SAC),
PF/C - Brandon Bass (from ORL),
SG - Vince Carter (from ORL),
PG - Anthony Johnson (from ORL),
$6.2M TPE, (from ORL)
2010 1st Round Pick (from ORL)

PHI: Blows it up. Now, they could take the Tracy McGrady deal everyone is rumbling about, but Houston won't take on Brand, and here, ORL will (and Kapono as well). PHI has to take Vince Carter who seems to still have the "it" factor for some games, but is pretty up and down and a little out of place in ORL's system. He and Iverson can fight for "no-no-no...yeah!" types of shots for the next year.

Even though they are getting Kenny Thomas' expiring this season, PHI still has to wait for Carter and Dalembert to expire after 2010-2011 (or use them as BIG expirings next season) to complete the rebuild.

Anthony Johnson comes over not only as an expiring contract, but his experience helps mentor PGs Williams and Holiday. Otherwise, the youth movement begins.

Lou Williams / Jrue Holiday / Anthony Johnson*
Vince Carter / Allen Iverson* / Willie Green***
Thaddeus Young / Rodney Carney*
Marreesse Speights / Brandon Bass / Jason Smith
Samuel Dalembert*** / Primo Brezec* / Kenny Thomas*

CHI out: PG/SG - Kirk Hinrich
CHI in: SF/SG - Mickael Pietrus (from ORL), PG/SG - Sergio Rodriguez (from SAC)

CHI: Unloads Hinrich's contract and stops trying to make a PG play SG (unless they continue that trend with Rodriguez). Sergio can back up Rose at PG, and when needed, put in some time as a SG. Pietrus brings a defensive presence on the wing and can shoot the 3pt'er while serving as either the starter at the 2 or backup at the 2/3. And, CHI still has Tyrus Thomas, Salmons, James, and Miller to make other moves with.

Derrick Rose / Sergio Rodriguez** / Lindsey Hunter
John Salmons*** / Mickael Pietrus / Jannero Pargo (also 3rd PG)
Loul Deng / (Pietrus?) / James Johnson
Taj Gibson / Tyrus Thomas**
Joakim Noah / Brad Miller* / Jerome James*

It's a daydream.  Maybe a good one.  Maybe not.  So, have at it.....respectful, thoughtful replies most appreciated.....

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