T-Mobile Trivia Challenge: Win Tickets to See the Orlando Magic and the Indiana Pacers This Wednesday

Orlando Pinstriped Post Photo / Bruce Maddox

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

We announced our partnership with T-Mobile earlier today, and now you have a chance to see that partnership in action with our first-ever T-Mobile Trivia Challenge post. Up for grabs today? Tickets to see the Orlando Magic take on the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, January 20th, at Amway Arena. Here's how it'll work.

  • In each installment of the T-Mobile Trivia Challenge, we'll put forth a Magic trivia question and give you the chance to win tickets to an upcoming Magic home game with a correct response.

  • We have four tickets to give away, but don't want the winners to have to go on their lonesome. Thus, two winners with the correct response will each receive two tickets to the game, which will allow them to bring a guest. I do not know the exact location of these seats, but I've been assured they are pretty good. And they're free, so you quite literally cannot beat the price.

  • Respond to the trivia question in the comments section of this post, preferably without any ornamentation or additional text. Do not comment more than once, because a) that's unfair and b) I'll disqualify you. At the end of the comment period, I will close the comments section and our ticket coordinator will pick the winners at random by drawing two numbers.

  • We ask that only people who are able to attend the game enter their responses.

In most cases, we'll ask the question one week before tipoff, and reveal the winner four days before the game. We're a bit pressed for time here--the Magic and the Pacers play a scant 6 days from now--so this version of the trivia contest will be abbreviated. You have from now until noon tomorrow--that's 12 PM on Friday, January 15th--to post your response. I'll close the comments at that time. We'll announce the winners on Sunday morning. Either I or our ticket coordinator will contact the winners via email with further instructions on how to obtain the tickets.

Bearing everything written above in mind, make the jump to read our trivia question for the Magic/Pacers game on Wednesday.

The Magic made their first NBA Finals appearance in 1995, when they held off the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Which Magic player defended Indiana's Rik Smits when Smits made the winning shot at the final buzzer of Game 4, knotting the series at 2 games apiece?

Again, you have until noon tommorrow this evening to submit your answer. Have fun.

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