One December 15 trade idea involving Gortat

After doing CBA mental gymnastics to try to calculate the Hedo TPE figures, I've been goofing around with fun roster moves.  Actually, I think we will keep Gortat all season, so I'm just tossing out ideas.  (I need another hobby.)

TRADE 1 (Orlando-Houston):


TRADE 2 (Orlando-Houston-Chicago):

Orlando gives:

Orlando gets:

  • G-Kirk Hinrich from Chicago Bulls (3 years on contract)
  • C/F-David Andersen from Houston Rockets (3 years on contract-3rd is team option)

Chicago also gets PF-Carl Landry from Houston.
Chicago and Orlando swap 2010 first-round draft picks (Assuming that the Bulls picks is higher than Orlando's, the Magic move up because they're acquiring Hinrich's contract and arguably making Chicago a better/deeper team at the SF & PF spots).

Why is below the jump....


Why for Orlando?
Jameer Nelson / Kirk Hinrich / Jason Williams   
Vince Carter / Mickael Pietrus / (Hinrich) / Bogans?
Shane Battier / (Pietrus) / (Lewis)   
Rashard Lewis / Brandon Bass / Ryan Anderson   
Dwight Howard / David Andersen / Adonal Foyle / Brian Skinner?

[The italicized ??? players are optional injury insurance/minimum salary practice players.]

Solid depth at every position.  Hinrich can start at PG if Nelson goes down and he at least matches, if not improves, what Redick provided at the SG.  (Arguably, the backup C is now the weakest link).  Battier and Hinrich have not only high basketball IQ and can quickly learn SVG's system, but are high-percentage 3-point shooters.  Both have shown they can put the team above their personal stats.  Battier and Pietrus gives us two lockdown defenders.  Ball movement and scoring could be sick.

Why not for Orlando?
Expensive.  Very. 

Probably want to keep Gortat all year 'cause he's really valuable to the team and get even more value for him next offseason (i.e. players and picks).

Why for Houston?
Without Yao or a healthy TMac (come on, we know he's gonna break at some point), Houston is rebuilding this season--no matter what GM Morey says.  (Maybe Gortat refuses the trade for this reason and chooses to play for the championship with Orlando.)  In this deal, the Rockets get Gortat, who is an upgrade over both of their current centers, David Andersen and Pops Mensah-Bonsu. And, they receive a $6.9M trade exception.  The TPE could be either salary savings, a rebuilding tool, or a useful tool in dumping McGrady's contract. 

If Yao doesn't come back next year, they have Gortat.  In either case, they can build by using a lottery pick, the experience this year gives their younger, developing players, and through free agency or trading expiring contracts (McGrady $22.3M, Cook $3.5M, Barry $2.0M, Scola $3.4M).


Why not for Houston?

Giving up Andersen, Landry, and Battier is a lot of pieces even for Gortat and the big TPE.  They'd have to be committed to rebuilding.

Houston after trade:

Brooks / Lowry   
Tmac / Jermaine Taylor(R) / Barry
Ariza / James White / Chase Budinger(R)
Scola / Hayes / Cook / Joey Dorsey
Gortat / Mensah-Bonsu / Yao

Why for Chicago?
Chicago gets rid of the Hinrich contract ($9.5/$9.0/$8.5 for '09/'10'/11) which gives them a little more cap space going into 2010, even with taking on Redick ($3.8M 2010 restricted free agent qualifying offer), Barnes (2010 $1.6M player option), and Landry (2010 $3M guaranteed).  All three should be easy to trade if the Bulls want more space.

The Bulls get Matt Barnes to backup Loul Deng at the SF, expiring Anthony Johnson for depth at the PG, and JJ Redick at SG (who, because of his [lack of] handle is a poor man's catch-&-shoot version of Hinrich with similar high basketball IQ). 

Carl Landry's 2-year, $3M/yr. contract brings experience/depth at the PF, so Chicago can either continue attempts to trade Tyrus Thomas or develop their two 2009 first-round PF draft picks-James Johnson and Taj Gibson.  Sophomore Derrick Rose plays PG and can handle higher minutes, so having AJ and Lindsey Hunter backing him up (barring injury) should be okay.

Why not for Chicago?
They think Hinrich > AJ + JJ + Barnes + Landry?

Chicago after trade:

Rose / AJ / Hunter   
Salmons / Pargo / Redick   
Deng / Barnes       
Thomas / Landry / Johnson / Gibson
Noah / Miller / Gray   

Even more sizzle OPTION:

  • Get Memphis involved.
  • Andersen goes from Houston to Memphis.
  • Orlando sends out a minimum player & the (hypothetical) non-guaranteed wing player to balance the deal.
  • Orlando gets C-Marc Gasol (24-yr-old 7'1" 265lbs, 16.74PER in 30mpg, ~$3.3M/yr for 2 years).
  • Orlando gets C-Hamed Haddadi (24-yr-old 7'2" 254lbs, 19.76PER in very limited minutes, $1.6/1.6/2.0M for 3 years).
  • Some more draft picks probably move around.
  • Magic Center lineup would be Howard/Gasol/Haddadi/Foyle or Skinner, which makes giving up Gortat not as bad.

Chicago clearing more salary and staying competitive OPTION:

  • Chicago gets PF-Brian Cook's ($3.5M) expiring instead of Landry's $3M/2yr contract, but still gets Redick for depth at the SG spot.

Chicago just clearing salary OPTION:

  • Redick goes to Houston.
  • Chicago gets SG-Barry ($2.0M) and PF-Cook's ($3.5M) expiring contracts.

Other pieces that could change:

  • Houston could dicker about which PF they send out. 
  • Chicago or Orlando might want to grab one of the young, cheap players from Houston (James White, Chase Budinger, Jermaine Taylor, Joey Dorsey).
  • Chicago might want to send or Houston might want to grab one of Chicago's 1st round rookie PFs (James Johnson and Taj Gibson).

But like I said, this probably never happens. I had fun working out the idea.  And, I like our team just fine the way it is.

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