Vince Carter or Hedo Turkoglu? No question indeed.




What does Hedo contribute to the Orlando Magic better that Vince Carter cannot? When Boston and LA defenses overload the Orlando Magic... Hedo's size, passing ability neutralizes this defensive strategy and allows him to pass/swing the ball to an open man quite easily. If teams do not overload, he has the ability to get into the lane and produce a high percentage shot. This is pretty much the reason why Hedo Turkoglu becomes a great mismatch for teams especially during the fourth quarter.

Compared to Hedo, Vince Carter is more athletic, faster, a better shooter, passes better and can even excel shutting his opponent down as evidenced by his ability to shut down Kobe Bryant. When motivated Vince Carter can become an excellent defender. Orlando did best on slowing down Kobe Bryant. Vince Carter shall only improve their defenses against other two guards in the league. Sure, Vince Carter makes the Magic a more 'traditional' team... and he must rely on his athletic and ball handling ability to create his own shots. Like Kobe, Hedo Turkoglu has the ability to be one of the best defenders and has to pick his spots, play smart and save energy to make clutch plays down the stretch.

Yes, Vince Carter has long been considered a much greater talent than Hedo Turkoglu and joining the talented Magic will and shall allow him to focus on defense, making smarter decisions with the ball and allow himself to create higher percentage shots. Vince Carter has been the focal point of defense in Toronto and New Jersey. Playing in Orlando shall give him the space and relieved pressure to produce efficiently.

So, back to my point... Orlando loses the mismatch they once had... but they gain one of the league's most talented swingmen. His lack of great teammates can allow us to forget how great a talent he truly is. Due to his consistency and defense, he has always been a better player than Jason Richardson, Tracy McGrady, Richard Hamilton, the current Ray Allen and an injury prone Manu Ginobili. .

The only 2 guards who are better than he are in this order... Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Brandon Roy. Joe Johnson only has a 'slight' edge over Vince. The Magic are obtaining the 5th best 2 guard in the NBA. Hedo Turkoglu? Clearly NOT the 5th best player at the 3. He is dwarfed by Lebron, Carmelo, Durant, Granger, Iguodala and Pierce. At "best" he is the 7th best Small Forward in the league. Also, if he traded roles with Ron Artest... I highly doubt Hedo Turkoglu can lead the Rockets to 7 games against the Lakers sans Yao Ming. He couldn't even lead the Magic to 6 against the Lakers. Hence... he is the 8th best small forward in the league.

Hedo Turkoglu will be quickly forgotten with Vince Carter onboard. Orlando's only true threat is their thinning depth (which can easily be fixed with a few NBA salary exceptions) and health issues. Other than that, they are still clearly better than the Cleveland Cavaliers (plus Shaq). Since Jameer Nelson shall be a force to be reckoned with, Dwight shall improve his protection of the ball and hopefully his free throws, and like Lamar... Rasheed shall not disappear in clutch situations, then again he has Jameer and Vince who can better create shots with their ball handling skills and just needs to be open. 

All these combined, barring a blockbuster trade or major free agent pickups by Cleveland or Boston. Orlando shall return to the finals once again.

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