The Number's Game

Now that the Orlando Magic have recently become a luxury tax paying team it is time for them to make some tough decisions. Currently the Magic have 10 players on the roster whose contracts add up to around 78 million dollars.  This means the magic are 8 million dollars over the luxury tax threshold which in turn would cost the Magic 16 million dollars next year.

Winning does come at a price but is said price too high? The obvious concern is if the Orlando Magic can afford to pay the tax (something that they have NEVER done in franchise history). The NBA finals playoff run no doubt helped the Magic's bankroll but the tax adds a new dimension to economic pressure. The Magic will have to generate enough revenue to not only pay the players, coaches, organization and the 16 million dollar tax but we also have to pay for a brand new stadium.The pressure to win will be immense for all involved in the organization.

However, pressure is not a bad thing. It drives people to perform better than even they thought possible. So maybe this is what it will take to push the Magic into the upper echelon on great NBA franchises. 

I also keep thinking that 16 million is such a daunting figure for a "small" market team and franchise to manage. That is when I started thinking of ways for the Magic to minimize the "sticker shock." I looked at the magic's roster to see who I feel would be the most expendable. I came up with JJ Redick and Anthony Johnson. Combined they are making around 5 million dollars. Taking the tax into account that means the Magic are paying 10 million for those 2 players. Needless to say I don't think they are that valuable to the Magic.

From what I see the Magic have 2 options.

#1 Trade these players to a team with cap space and receive no salary in return. We would probably have to switch or give 2nd round picks to them as well

#2 Trade these players to a team for a number of players with inexpensive contracts. So as to fulfill the league required 13 man roster. This is where it gets tricky. My research shows only a couple teams have the pieces necessary for this to work out.

Toronto Raptors- Pops Mensah Bonsu, Quincy Douby and Roko Leni Ukic = 3 million (Magic save 2 million)

Golden State Warriors- Marco Belinelli, Anthony Morrow and Acie Law = 4 million (save 1 million)

Miami Heat- Chris Quinn, Jamario Moon, Joel Anthony, Yakhouba Diawara = 4 million (save 1 million)

Their are other teams out there where it may be possible but these are the best bets IMO. Of course the Magic won't be getting equivalent talent if a trade were to take space. They would more than likely get young talent (which is good since we didn't have a draft this year) and NBA veteran re-treads.

If Otis can save the Magic 10 million dollars next year than I think its worth ;) a look

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