backup power forward options in exchange for Rafer

In no way shape or form are any of these options being discussed between the Magic and any of these teams, to my knowledge.  I've simply compiled a list of desirable backup big men, and a list of teams that could use Rafer's services.  Let's match em up, and then shoot at the results until a picture makes sense.

This list covers down on 14 big men, the number of years they've played, and their size, which I believe to be a key concern for the Magic.  They're listed based off of Yahoo's rating for fantasy contribution.  Not the perfect metric, but it's a system.  We'll do a little more analysis on a few of them after we look at teams that could use Skip.  Some of these guys currently play SF, but can move up.  Size matters, but the talent of an Andrei Kirilenko can make you willing to scrimp on size a little.

Player Team Years Height Weight
rasheed wallace detroit 14        6'11" 230
paul millsap utah 3        6'8" 250
ronny turiaf golden state 4        6'10" 249
matt bonner san antonio 6        6'10" 235
boris diaw charlotte 6        6'8" 235
andrei kirilenko utah 10        6'9" 225
antonio mcdyess detroit 14        6'9" 245
udonis haslem miami 6        6'8" 235
nick collison oklahoma 6        6'9" 255
spencer hawes sacramento 2        7'1" 230
travis outlaw portland 6        6'9" 207
luc richard mbah a moute milwaukee 1        6'8" 230
brandon bass dallas 4        6'8" 240
jason thompson sacramento 1        6'11" 250
jeff foster indiana 10        6'11" 250
jason maxiell detroit 4        6'7" 260
renaldo balkman denver 3        6'8" 210
zaza pachulia atlanta 6        6'11" 275
leon powe boston 3        6'8" 240
chris kaman la clippers 6        7'0" 265

 The team list focuses on the depth chart at PG and the number of bigs on the roster.  I seperated the bigs into total players and those at the talent level we're looking at and above. 

Team Starter Backup Backup Bigs Quality
Atlanta Mike Bibby Acie Law   4 3
Boston Rajon Rondo Stephon Marbury   6 4
Cleveland Mo Williams Delonte West Daniel Gibson 4 2
Dallas Jason Kidd JJ Barea   5 3
Golden State Jamal Crawford CJ Watson   5 2
Indiana Jarret Jack TJ Ford   6 2
LA Clippers Baron Davis Fred Jones   5 3
Miami Mario Chalmers Chris Quinn Daequan Cook 6 3
Milwaukee Luke Ridnour Rookie   6 3
Minnesota Kevin Ollie Sebastian Telfair   6 2
Portland Steve Blake Sergio Rodriguez Jerryd Bayless 5 3
Utah Deron Williams Brevin Knight   7 4

Based on what I've seen, I think Orladno's best opportunities for an upgrade at the PF backup would come from Boston, Dallas, the Clips, Milwaukee, Portland, or Utah.  Atlanta, Golden State, and Indiana are short on quality bigs, which would require us to give them a quality big in return, which we don't have to give.  (I'm considering Tony Battie to be just under the level of quality we're discussing here at this point.)  Cleveland and Minnesota are locked up with the bigs they've got.  Skip would be a slight upgrade for Miami, (Though Chlamers is developing well) but they've got a logjam at PG already.

This means our list of targets would include

Player Team Years Height Weight
paul millsap utah 3         6'8" 250
andrei kirilenko utah 10         6'9" 225
travis outlaw portland 6         6'9" 207
luc richard mbah a moute milwaukee 1         6'8" 230
brandon bass dallas 4         6'8" 240
leon powe boston 3         6'8" 240
chris kaman la clippers 6         7'0" 265

I will go on record to garauntee that the Magic will not get Paul Millsap.  He was a diamond in the rough, much like Marcin Gortat, but the cat got let out of the bag last year when Carlos Boozer went down for so long.  The Jazz are very comitted to keeping him, in part because there is a great degree of uncertainty as to whether Boozer will stay in Utah.  Kirilenko is a different matter.  I believe the Jazz would let Kirilenko go.  I'm just not sure that Rafer Alston is the right bait.  They need a better backup than Brevin Knight.  That's got to be on their shopping list.  I just don't think they're ready to give up a guy who was in contention for 6th man of the year for Skip.  I'm also interested in Kosta Koufos, who played verry well earlier this year, but Rafer has too much salary for a one for one there, and neither of our easily movable pieces (JJ and Battie) would work well for that deal.

Portland wants help in their backcourt.  Steve Blake had a great year, that they know he is unlikely to repeat.  Steve Blake is a backup point guard.  Rafer wouldn't be a serious upgrade, but he would give them a solid two man rotation.  They're shoping Sergio Rodriguez, and Jarryd Bayless plays a lot at the 2.  Travis Outlaw is a great young player, and a great value for Rafer.  Either team could move small pieces to make salaries work.  Outlaw would give the magic solid defense, but his slim for a PF, and that could hurt things.  The Magic really have a 3 man rotation in the 4 and 5 position most of the time, with Battie picking up the scraps.  If we're looking for someone to fill Marcin's shoes, that person has to be bigger than Travis Outlaw.  Joel Przybilla would work, for sure, but he is Portland's knee insurance on father time, er, Greg Oden.  No, they are not letting go of LaMarcus Aldridge.

Mbah a Moute (MAM) turned some heads up in Milwaukee in his rookie campaign.  He plays both forward positions, and started a number of games this year at the 3 spot.  He's an active rebounder, puts up good percentages, and has quick hands.  Again, he's not the biggest guy in the world, but he is athletic.  The real draw here is that the Bucks are going to be starving for help at the PG position, possibly more than any other team this fall.  Luke Ridnour will stay, but has a habit of getting injured.  He's right around Rafer's talent level.  Ramon Sessions is leaving Wisconsin.  He's butted heads with Scott Skiles, and he's been pretty underappreciated by the Bucks in general.  He has the talent ofr a starting role, and someone in the NBA is going to pay him for it.  Charlie Villanueva might be a good fit for the Magic, but I'm not convinced his heroics this last year will move beyond his contract season, and I'm fairly sure he'll be overpaid for the length of his next contract.

I really don't have any problems with Brandon Bass, except for, again, his size.  He's young.  He's played well in Dallas, providing good rebounding, defense, and shooting percentages in about 20 min a game.  He's a solid, dependable option.  Dallas is a little heavy on bigs, and they could be losing Jason Kidd, although they intend to resign him if possible.  JJ Barea has played admirably while he's been in, but he's not the answer if the Mavs run into any type of trouble.

Leon Powe might be one of the best options for the Magic, (and any other team in the league looking for a hard working forward).  The Celtics are not going to be able to re-sign both Powe and Big Baby Davis.  Stephon mMarbury is a man of questionable leadership, and sanity.  Rondo can go all game long, but that can't be good for Boston.  Skip could be a very good fit for them.  Powe is physically the strongest player on the list, after Millsap (a beast), and Kaman (a bit of a marshmallow).  He has great leaping ability, and plays very good defense.  If I had to pick a replacement for Marcin, this is who I would pick.  He works hard, on and off the court.  You just have to believe tha this guy is going to continue to get better and better.  He also has one of the best attitudes in Boston, not that that statement indicates much.  (Honestly, he seems like a pretty nice, humble guy.)

The Caveman, at 7'0" 265, would fill out our big man rotation very nicely.  The Clippers can't believe that keeping Marcus Camby, Zach Randolph, and Chris Kaman around is good for their team.  You can't play three of them together, and none of them deserves anything but a starter's or major reserve role on an NBA team.  Kaman is the lesser of the three.  Camby is old enough to be ready for a rest, but he's such a defensive force that no team that's got him on the roster wants him out of the game.  Remember, he was the defensive player of the year for the 07-08 season.  We don't want Zach Randolph.  No discussion.  Move on.  This logjam means someone has to move this summer.  Combine that with the fact that their backup PG is fred Jones, and you can see an easy deal.  With Baron Davis' injury history, the Clips need a solid backup, unless they want to go fish again for years to come.  This trade seems like a match to me.

 Now I haven't looked at salaries at all during this process, just needs.  I know that salaries play a larger role than needs, I just haven't gotten to it.  We'll see how much time I've got in the next few days.  Maybe there will be a version 2 of this.

I also haven't explored th possibility of finding a way to get rid of Rafer's salary by trade and waive or something of the like, with the intention of re-signing the Hammer.   We'll have to see.

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