Thank You, Orlando Magic

Another week, another showcased fanpost. 3QC member funny80sguy writes a nice piece, thanking the Orlando Magic for a great, special, and unforgettable year. 

Now that the Finals are over and some of the hurt is alleviated from the lost to the Lakers, I just wanted to take the time to thank the club for giving us a fantastic season.  It far exceeded my expectations, and they made a heck of a run in the playoffs considering they were the underdog in 3 out of the 4 series.  In no particular order, I wish to thank the individuals:

Dwight Howard:  You have become a phenomenal player who is only going to get better because you work hard.  You're a true leader and a sparkling personality.

Rashard Lewis:  I appreciated your game when I moved up to Seattle and got to watch you play for a few seasons.  I was ecstatic that you signed on to my favorite team last year.  This playoffs, you made some awesome (and ice cold) shots that led to victories.

Jameer Nelson:  I love that you hold those team get-togethers in the summer.  I think you are the only person who does that in the league (at least that has been reported).  Your game improved immensely this year, and you became an all-star.  It sucked that you got hurt this year because I would have liked to see how the Magic would have done with you there.

Hedo Turkoglu (Turk):  You're my favorite player.  My girlfriend has a crush on you . . . heck, I even have a crush on you.  I got to witness the best game of my life in person because you made it special (that last second shot against Portland in Dec).  Please sign back with the Magic, and I will buy your authentic jersey from the Orlando Magic Shop (for real this time).

Stan Van Gundy:  I have a huge man crush on you as well.  You are the Magic's best ever coach and a great interview.  I am already looking forward to watching all of your press conferences next year.  You've needled and led our team to greatness this year.

Rafer Alston:  You were maddening sometimes with your shot selections, but you led us to the Finals when Jameer went down.  That is something I will always appreciate.

Courtney Lee (Rook):  Awesome . . . you were just awesome this year.  I cannot wait to see how you develop.

Anthony Johnson (A.J.):  I hated watching you at first but then I grew to appreciate everything you brought to the floor.  I don't know if it was you finally adjusting to the team and finding your spots or me adjusting to your style.  You got the raw end of the deal by not being played in the Finals.  You helped the Magic get there and you should have saw it to the end.

Marcin Gortat:  My Polish brother.  You always brought something positive when you stepped on the floor.  I will hate to see you go, but you almost must leave just to see what level you can take your game.  I will support you no matter what (unless it is to Oklahoma City and in that case, I will hate you forever).

J.J. Redick:  You improved your game remarkably over the last summer.  You got sporadic minutes, but you were always professional about it and always tried to stay ready.  I will admit I did not like you in the beginning of the year, but I have grown to appreciate what you bring.  I stopped making fun of you ever since you nailed that game tying shot against Charlotte that sent it to overtime.

Mickael Pietrus:  It sucked you were hurt most of the year, but you were terrific in the playoffs.  You became the Magic's X-Factor, and I cannot wait to see you play in the coming years.

Adonal Foyle:  I hope you stay on for another year because I really like you as a person.  In the Rafer trade, you could have pulled a Devean George and refused to be traded to Memphis, but you didn't.  I'm glad you came back in the end even though you didn't really play at all this year.

Otis Smith:  You made some mistakes in the past, but you also made some incredible moves this year.  You drafted Lee; you signed Peaches, and you traded for Rafer with our spare parts when we needed a point guard.  I always took it as lip service everytime you talk about a championship, but you built a championship contender for Orlando.

Keith Bogans:  I always liked you and wished you could have been part of the team during the playoffs.  Especially since you were traded for a player the Magic didn't use.

Tyronn Lue:  You didn't play, but you cut your cornrows since the last time you were here.  You look better with the shaved head.

Brian Cook:  You tried to be an enforcer by hitting Baron Davis (and then apologized to him after the game) and you had a great nickname, Cookie Monster.  Um . . . thanks?

Jeremy Richardson (J-Rich):  You hit the record breaking 3 for the Magic against the Kings.  At least you have one NBA highlight to talk about for the rest of your life.

Mike Wilks:  You got hurt before the season started, but since I believe I read once that you were the son of a preacher, I'm sure you had prayer meetings with Dwight.  Every little thing counts.

The great community of 3QC:  (I don't really have anything to say about them.  I'm actually just trying to cater to the crowd while throwing them a bone by mentioning them.)  You guys are the best!

*****Oh crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I forgot Tony Battie!!!  You had a sweet midrange jump shot when it went in . . . but you also placed your mouthpiece in your arm sleeve whenever you left the game and that freaks me out.

This FanPost was made by a member of the Orlando Pinstriped Post community, and is to be treated as the opinions and views of its author, not that of the blogger or blog community as a whole.

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