Playing Devil's Advocate over the Value of Rashard Lewis

Lettin Turk go now, Battie and Alston next summer only puts the Magic under 5-6mil CAP, so they can only outright sign a FA in that category. An idea we've been throwing around the last few days because it was presumed to allow outright signing of a superstar, which is false. This is why you need to resign Turk period. Theres some interesting sign and trade ideas out there where you can convert that 20-24MM of Turk/Alston/Battie to a superstar or swap Turk by himself, but thats complicated trades unlikely to happen, most or all of which are not worth it at all imo.
Thats why Im starting to look at vet PFs, low level FAs to trade exception/trade for. Also Lewis is the cap killer for the Magic’s cap situation, so trading him would be good, but might plunge the Magic into rebuilding for however many seasons the incoming player(s) contract(s)’ lasts. Trading Lewis is not a Zach Randolph/Marbury/Tinsley situation because Lewis is a tough working All Star and clutch sharpshooter, but it would be almost as hard as along those lines. Once again, very, very likely better to keep him imo. Seems alittle foolish to break up either forwards from the Magic team that just made a Finals run.

Given that, Iv gone ahead and thrown some crazy trades out there involving Lewis for half-fun, half-serious looks at. Iv gone ahead and started discussions about them in other team blogs from this SBnetwork. Take a look at the two:
Trade involves losing Lewis only and taking the main FA incoming for 2 seasons more before giving a huge salary relief. We've alrdy talked about him alittle bit (AK-47!) in previous comments. Here is a scouting report on him:
After I read that, it sounded a much better fit to the Magic than I thought before.

This is the other:
Trade involves losing Lewis and Nelson. Taking Baron Davis and Tracy McGrady. Before you freak out, think about it alittle. Baron Davis is an upgrade on Nelson IMO. Here is his scouting report:
As you can see, Baron is clearly a top defensive guard on top of the impressive nearly 2 SPG, 8 APG, and 15-17 PPG. A look at Baron's level of intensity when playing is correlated directly to how good the team is that season as well, its a hard to measure stat but seems true on the surface. So playing with the Magic would have him in tip top shape and focus. (hopefully)
Now about T-Mac... I have no intention of him playing for the Magic at all! I dont want him taking 1 minute from C. Lee's playing time. I want him, becuase he swaps out with Lewis' LONG- term contract and gives the Magic 22.4MM for about 19.7 MILLION in CAP ROOM in 2010 summer! Thats just 1 (reiterating, just 1!) "rebuilding" season (this next season) so that Tmacs contract comes off the books (the next summer, the summer of BIG Agents, and the summer of new Arena opening, With Dwight/Lee/MP/Turk-if the Magic want to resign or not/Baron core too. Then, that truly means the Magic are fully capable of out-right signing a superstar contract, and some left over after!

What do you guys think? (funny side note: iv traded every magic player outside of dwight in one trade or another haha) Amend/change the trades if you like, or add a new trade completely regarding Rashard Lewis.

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