Raptors-Magic Trade Idea

Im not as tuned into the Raptors' needs and wants as much as I am with the Magic. And perhaps this trade will not be liked by either side. But for the sake of summer fun and pretend GM'ing, I've come up with a pretty comprehensive trade between the two teams. And as I played around further with these ideas, I came up with a very, very good trade for both sides (I would like to think so atleast). Here it is below followed by details as to why both sides would do it.


Magic send to Raptors Hedo Turkoglu on a new 8-13mil per yr contract, Marcin Gortat on a new 4-5.5 mil per yr contract, a future 1st round pick or two as see fit by both sides, Rafer Alston on his last yr of contract at 5.3mil with a partial buy-out option, and Courtney Lee currently on his cheap rookie scale contract.

Raptors send Marcus Banks, Patrick O'Bryant or other filler as needed to finish trade, a future 2nd round pick, and Chris Bosh.



Lets look out for the Raptors here first. The big reason first, Chris Bosh does not want to sign an extension this summer, out of all the big agents in "the" 2010 summer, Bosh is rumored to leave the Raps more than the other respective stars of the league. Is it true we'll never know, but the Raptors are internally debating to get the most out of him through a trade instead. The Raptors are also rumored to be interested in Hedo Turkoglu, and will have better chances to take him if the Pistons dont throw big money. Turkoglu is a sharpshooter SF who can obviously also playmake very well. He seems to be a very good fit for the Raptors. Raptors are likely to prorate Shawn Marion and he will not lose minutes because Bargnani/Gortat/Turk/Marion are pretty interexchangeable in those 4 spots. Or the Raptors can let him walk as he is a FA now. Their choice. I like the first one for depth, lineup versatility, and toughness Marion gives though.

Here's where Raptors cash big on young pieces;
The Raptors are desperately needing Toughness and Rebounding. I heard this phrase alot concerning what the Raptors needed before. Side note: Critics say this about the Magic too lol. With Marcin Gortat, the Raps will have a legitimate starting center who had one of the highest rebounding rates in the league along with a good pick and roll game and offensive skills down low. No injury history and  just 25 yrs old. This moves Andrea Bargnani, the PF/C who finally exploded offensively into a great player, to a PF spot. This is great because quite frankly Bargnani is still not a good defender, esp. at the Center spot!

With Courtney Lee, the Raptors may finally end the SG quest. Despite being just a rookie, Courtney Lee took over the starting SG spot for the Magic by alittle over the halfway point of the regualr season, and was the key defender the Magic used to stop most other teams' best players. He also was a leading scorer for the Magic in the 1st round series until a face injury, coming back to guard LBJ and Kobe in later rounds, playing with high poise, good defense, and scoring efficiently. The future is very bright for Lee and this was a component of the trade I was most hesitant to add to be honest. He looks like he is going to be able to easily increase his offensive role in the future, and the Raptors can stop chasing one of Parker or Delfino who are much pricier, are less defenders, and have less potential than C. Lee. The Raptors can still draft a SG and create a good SG dilemma or fill the Marcus Banks void with a PG from the PG-rich draft.

The one or two future 1st rounders obviously go towards the drafting young talented pieces along with the Raptors' own picks or to be used as trade chips as however they see fit to use the picks.

Rafer Alston lead the Magic to the Finals as a starter, and is ready to accept a backup role he has said publicly. He is a true PG with great passing and defense. He is on his last yr of a 5.3mil contract that will give the Raps some cap flexibilty. They can also do a partial buy-out on his contract to save money right away if they so choose. The bigger cap relief here is that the Raps are essentially dumping the bad, long-term contract of Marcus Banks for an expiring contract of a better PG.

There's the Raptors side of it, they are getting tougher and younger at the same time. Getting more cap flexibility and more draft picks. Great returns on Bosh, and I would very much daresay a 1st round/2nd round playoff threat.   

PG- J. Calderon/Alston and/or draft, SG-C.Lee/Parker and/or draft/Marion, SF-Turkoglu/Marion, PF-Bargnani/Turkoglu, C-Gortat/Bargnani.


On to the Magic's end of the trade;

The obvious, big thing here is the Magic get Chris Bosh to play with Dwight Howard and the Magic. On top of it, Bosh is a PF who can put Lewis at his natural SF spot where he is always more comfortable than now. Bosh is a high post operating player who won't get in Dwights way in the deep post much. Bosh also has high fouled rates like Dwight but combines it with a high FT % (Hmmm, what an interesting strategy... he makes his FTs!). Bosh should still post better defense than the out-of-position Lewis, and another added bonus on offense is Bosh's strong ability to pass out of double teams.

Magic do take some risks in still drastically restruncturing their system on offense mainly. Plus, Bosh has only played more than 70 games per season just once in the last 4 seasons because of repetitive minor injuries. Quite frankly tho, the benefits and potential greatly outweigh the risks to me.

The Magic would be abit hard pressed financially. I imagine they'd be in luxury for a season or two actually, and the bench depth could get skeletal. But once again, benefits and potential greatly outweigh here. Magic need to go all-in here and show they take good risks and get it done like GM Smith did with Alston at the very deadline this last season. To finish the trade the Magic would also be taking a future 2nd to cheaply fill out the roster and hope for another golden find like they did with C.Lee this last season, a cheap big like Patrick O'Bryant (and/or other filler) to make the numbers work exactly and add another big to the Magic roster (Hey,a big is a big, use his fouls or something!). 

The Raptors would also get to dump the bad, long-term deal of Marcus Banks onto the Magic to make the numbers work and get cap flexibility. The Magic have to take some lumps with the good, but Banks is supposedly a decent defender and shooter, and past history indicates that if Nelson is the only good PG on the roster he will be at his best with the added job security. Anthony Johnson is always the good'ol reliable backup here too if Banks fails at the backup job.

There's the Magic side of it, losing some money, depth, and youth in return for some pieces, a 2nd rounder, and the one and only, Chris Bosh! Would be a risk I would forever love the Magic for bodly taking,  and end up very, very probably giving the Magic their first championship soon.

  PG- Nelson/ AJ/Banks, SG- Pietrus/JJ Redick, SF- Lewis/Pietrus, PF- Bosh/Lewis/Battie, C- Howard/Battie/OBryant.

Let me know your ideas and thoughts on this trade, especially if your a fan, or person of knowledge, for the Magic or Raptors! Im sure I have some mistakes and small holes on a overall very good trade proposal. Check out the poll too.

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