Thank You for all the fun

I wanted to say a few things.

Normally, I'm an obsessed Kings fan who finds other teams, and some fans, difficult to root for, and with. I can't say that about 3QC or Magic fans (although they probably aren't any different than any other fanbase in that respect--this is  probably my bias showing).

I did want to say this is a great community to watch Magic basketball games with. Win or lose, this community is unique, and enjoyable.

(I am sorry about the Beno Udrih thing though. I have to admit that i do feel bad about that. Have all post-season actually. Guess Otis Smith is smarter than me, right?)

However, this is the first time that rooting for another team was appealing. It was appealing when they lost on Thaddeus Young in game 3 of the Philly series. (As crappy as that was.)

This team perservered through Dwight Howard's suspension for game 6, and beat Philly, and advanced to face off with Boston to boot.

This team lost Rafer Alston to a stupid suspension for slapping Eddie House. (I can't blame him. I'd want to slap House too.)

This team lost it's starting All-Star PG to a shoulder surgery only to have him return amidst scandal and hoopla. (Ha!)

The team's rookie SG who had returned from having a shattered beak returned early to make a difference in the pivotal (and the game that defined this team) Boston series.

It swept Cleveland at home in the Eastern Conference Finals.

It was a Courtney Lee missed layup, and some Dwight Howard missed Free Throws from being up 3-2 going back to LA.

It was tough, fun, hard, frustrating, and surprising.

It was a team that went from surprising everyone to surprising no-one. They survived a young athletic run n gun team in Philly. They survived a tough veteran battle tested squad facing even more adversity than they were in a Boston squad. They outlasted the LeBron's.

Losing in 5 games is bitter, no doubt. Losing in 5 games, 2 of which come on your home floor, 1 in absolutely demoralizing fashion, is bitter.

Between the pizza eating Turk, the Polish Hammer Rocket, the God fearing goof, the soft spoken Texan kid humbled many times over, the cocky street baller, the unsung small college kid, and the coach who got more jokes than Ron Jeremy's porn mates, they stuck around. They toughed it out. They beat you inside, and out. They just refused to quit.

These playoffs? This team? This run? None of it's bitter, none of this is awful, and none of it has gone for naught.

Want a piece of advice? Kick a dog, shoot a baby, and wake up tomorrow. Tomorrow has promise. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow, you might even celebrate on the Lakers court your first championship. That's why tomorrow exists.

Every moment, in good, bad, frustrating, and everything else, was well spent. Thanks for all the fun.

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