Response to Dwight for MVP

I have to agree more with Ben's overall assessment of his deserving the award than Rivera's:

"Dwight Howard is just as valuable to his team, if not moreso, than anyone else is in this league."

That is the truth. LBJ is a stud because he has the ball-handling skill to be one. Dwight's a stud because he's a stud. I'm sorry but Dwight is of more value than him.

Defensively? Better. (You can't question this. No, shut up, no one can.)

Points? If Howard took as many shots as James a game (12.5 to 25, respectively) he would average even in (this is the lowest estimate) 30 points a game. Lebron currently makes 28.6. And people would argue how damaging Dwight is at the stripe. Well to that I present a two fold argument in terms of James: Lebron only shoots 15% better, and how bad he is at 3's (33%) makes up for the difference. So they are equals.

REBOUNDS/ASSISTS? This is James is lauded most. "LOOK at how he averages 7.6 reb. a night and STILL gets his teammates involved with 7.3 assists too!!!!" Right, that number equals 15. Dwight gets 14 Rebounds a night, and still gets 1.6 assists as well (and getting better at it). That number equals 15.6. That makes them about even, and I won't even touch the fact that Lebron handles the ball a vast amount of the time either...(or that Lebron is only 2 in. shorter than Dwight)

BLOCKS? Dwight? 3. Lebron? 1. Okay then moving on.

STEALS? Dwight? 1. Lebron? 1.8. Oh yes, wow, this makes him an absolute monster. Oh wait except Dwight's opposing players rarely get the ball because he's so dominant on defense.

I'm not trying to be antagonistic. I'm trying to make people realize that we should not let others force feed the idea that Lebron is so much better than Dwight. At the end of the day you may refute some of the facts I presented (I'm okay with that), but you can't ignore how in every facet they are at the very least similar. Dwight is our boy and he doesn't throw chalk into the air to proclaim himself king, he doesn't take photo's during the opening intro's. Lebron likes to think of himself as a Jordan for the 21st century. That's fine. But Jordan never took pictures, Jordan put together his own shoes before games. Jordan never told everyone he was the best (Shaq, Lebron). He lived it. I'll let Dwight be the Jordan of the 20th century. He plays, he has fun, but he never showboat's- there's a confidence minus arrogance with Dwight that is not in Lebron. 

When people try to tell you Lebron>Dwight, tell them they have it reversed. 


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