DSK's Night At The Wachovia Center, 02/28/09

Here is this week's showcased fanpost. In this piece, DieSlowKeyshawn shares his experience watching the Orlando Magic play the Philadelphia Sixers in person this past Saturday. - ER

WOW.  I still can't believe we won that game.  I tried to comment last night after the game, but the iphone was giving me issues with my connection and I was more concerned on celebrating among heartbroken Philadelphians and getting my drink on.  

Bad news first... I wasn't allowed to meet any players, get autographs, or pictures.  The doors didn't open until 6pm and ushers wouldn't let people onto the floor who didn't have a floor ticket.  I was in the 4th row (1st row off of the floor) so that news was disappointing, but I was able to get a couple players to acknowledge me during their lay up drills and a few refused to.  As Dwight walked back in my direction I yelled, "DWIIIIIIIIIGHT!" to which he threw up a peace sign and got back in line.  Rafer, was in ear-shot range three times to which I yelled a variety of "RAFER," "ALSTON," and "SKIP," no dice on any.  J.J.'s turn and no surprise, cold shoulder.  Even Anthony No-Neck Johnson refused to acknowledge polite greetings of "Anthony! or AJ!" The only other player who acknowledged my greeting was Turk, I shouted out "Hedo! Congrats on the baby!" to which he responded with a nod and thumbs up.  

Onto the game...  

I was on J.J. from the very beginning, I couldn't believe that SVG was riding with him for what seemed like 15 consecutive minutes.  I was on him the entire night as he refused to play defense, I couldn't fathom why SVG was leaving him in the game with Lee & Pietrus well rested on the bench.  The Philly fans were screaming "A.I. abuse him!" whenever he, for whatever reason, decided to ATTEMPT to play defense on Igoudala and I often responded with the palms to the face.  When J.J. was ejected, the crowd was standing up cheering on, urging him to get out of the stadium, I was right there with them, yelling "GET OUT! GET OUT YOU BUM!" The Sixers fans in my area got a kick out of that, one turned around and said, "Looks like you got your wish," in regards to my frequent pleads to SVG to get "that scrub out of the game!"  

After being DOMINATED for 36 minutes, we saw, what I believe was the most improbable and most thrilling comeback victory the Magic have had all year.  Of course, I may be a bit bias being 20 feet away from the action, but nonetheless, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  I can't tell you how many sixers fans in my area left to go home with 10 minutes OR MORE remaining.  Boy, did they miss a hell of a finish, but for their sakes, it probably worked out for them.  I was sitting next to a father and son (son Magic fan, father Sixers) well, with the Magic up 1 with 22 seconds left and Hedo going to the line to shoot 2 free throws, the Father gets up and makes his son leave to his sons' dismay.  I wanted to say ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Hedo could have nailed both, Sixers could have hit a three and it's tied! In no way was it over! Anyway, I was shocked at the role AJ played in the comeback.  I saw you guys posted his stats last night, so I won't get into that, I just remember saying, "NO! Don't shoot it!" whenever he raised up for a jumper, yet later in the night when he hit that three in the last 2 minutes to put the Magic up 4, I think I might have uttered, "I love you AJ" under my breath.  

After Turk sealed the deal, I stayed in the arena for about ten minutes, in amazement of what I had just witnessed.  I also shook hands with some sixers fans in my area, shared some small talk and I expressed my sympathies, before walking up the stairs thinking and saying to my friend, "I can't believe what just happened, I can't believe anything about what just happened." 

A link to my photo gallery is below, half the pictures taken from the iphone camera (no zoom) and the other half from a crappy point and shoot, check them out nontheless.  


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