The McGrady Trade: 5.5 years later.

What's going on in Houston these days with McGrady is nothing new to the Orlando Magic or their fans.  As annoying as it was back in 2004, when the Magic had to lose a star AGAIN, I'm so happy the franchise ridded themselves of this guy.  Today all Tracy McGrady represents to the Magic is McGrady's cousin Vince Carter (I'll get to that later) and indirectly Dwight Howard.  No, McGrady isn't the reason the Magic took Howard over Okafor (McGrady definitely wanted none of that)...but McGrady is the reason the Magic had the 1st pick.  For those of you that can't remember, McGrady quit (which he later confessed to) on the Magic around this time of year 6 years ago cause they were on some 19 game losing streak or something and in the process cost a coach, who later won a championship, his job.  In hindsight, maybe it would of been better to trade McGrady then and keep Doc but the flipside is the Magic ultimately got the 1st pick so I'd say this situation worked out great for both the Magic and Mr. Rivers.  But back to McGrady....the mediocrity continued....McGrady picked Okafor and refused to play with Dwight (you can find a Sentinel quote on that) and kept running his chatterbox to the max much like his is doing today more than 5 and a half years later.  In any case, you all know what happened next, in that McGrady was traded, but I'm sure you haven't really examined the trade closely to see where both parties stand today.  For all intents and purposes, the trade has practically nullified itself across the board.  Ironically, a lot of the same players involved in what I call "the trade tree" were swapped and ended up playing on both teams (Francis) or the same team (James).  Another funny coicidence is because of this trade, Trevor Ariza has played for the Magic and Rockets and in the process won a championship against the team that traded him.  I guess he can thank McGrady's selfishness for a ring and huge contract (No, his skill had nothing to do with any of that. *wink*).  Truth is the NBA works in funny ways and the McGrady deal has essentially boiled down to the this:

Vince Carter for Brian Evans, Kyle Lowry, and whatever the Rockets get for TMac this time around.


Here's how I get there:

Orlando gets:

Cato ---> traded to Detroit for Darko ----> left via free agency to Memphis

Mobley ----> traded to Sacramento for Doug Christie ----> quit on the Magic and immediately retired

Francis ----> traded to New York for Penny Hardaway (immediately released) and Ariza ---> traded to LA for Maurice Evans (left via free agency to Atlanta) and Brian Cook ---> traded to Houston for Rafer Alston (Houston also got Kyle Lowry in deal) ----> traded to NJ for Vince Carter (Note: Francis eventually made his way back to Houston before being released)

  Houston gets:  

Reece Gaines ---> traded to Milwaukee for Mike James ---> left via free agency to Toronto

Juwan Howard ---> traded to Minnesota for Mike James (yes, the same guy Gaines was traded for) ---> traded to New Orleans for Bobby Jackson ----> traded to Sacramento for Ron Artest ----> left via free agency to Los Angeles in essentially a free agent swap for Trevor Ariza

Tyron Lue ---> traded to Atlanta for Jon Barry  ---> released by Rockets and retired (Lue eventually made his way back to Orlando)

Tracy McGrady ---> ?

So my wishes to McGrady are: happy trails my disgruntled friend...hopefully you get out of the first round with your new team...I know the Magic are better off without you and thanks for hooking us up with your cousin.

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