Breaking down Wade's comments about Howard/FA/etc.

*** This thread is a re-post from my reply from/to JoeyBarz thread "Wade's Comments" ***

This thread/re-post was created out of boredom and insomnia, these were just my thoughts from this morning. It may just sound like hype and anxiousness from a Magic fan but I felt like expressing my thoughts on the situation. They have some edited/added parts that differ from the other thread that I forgot to mention.


We’ve all read the comments but maybe we aren’t really getting what he’s saying.

1. "If I could pick one player in the league today to play with — and most people think I’d say LeBron James — I would pick Dwight Howard," said Wade.

- Thats a pretty straight to the point comment. Take out that part about LeBron and Wade is pretty much saying, "The only player I want to play with in this league is Dwight Howard". There is no way to get more straight to the point than that, Wade wants to play with Dwight.


2. "I’d love for that to happen at some point. Dwight is already close right here in Orlando. People who say it couldn’t happen (us playing on the same team), they don’t know. I’ve learned in this league that anything is possible."

- Wade says "I’d love….for that to happen". Love is a strong feeling, no homo, but he obviously feels strongly about this. "Dwight is already close right here in Orlando", this sounds like someone who already thought about this sometime in his spare time away from the media. Possibly thinking about the friends he made in MIA, I know he has 2 young sons(7yrs, 2 yrs), that may be contemplation of possible stay in the same school, keep the same childhood friends kind of deal. This could also mean that maybe he wants Dwight to move to MIA (unlikely and it won’t happen while Wade is in his prime either, Dwight is here for the next 3 seasons, Wade would be 31).The most important part of this section is "People who say it couldn’t happen (and there have already been several on this thread:, they don’t know". "I’ve learned in this league that anything is possible". You might think I’m crazy or I just want this so much that I am seeing beyond the words or whatever but, Wade says "anything is possible" and that sounds like someone open to any situation (trade, sign, etc) to get to play with Dwight.


3. "I’ve played with a dominant center before, and there’s nothing like it. It changes the whole game. It’s why I’d LOVE to play with Dwight. He’s a phenomenal center who has only just scratched the surface of where he’ll be,’’ Wade said. "And he’s the type of guy you’d really like to be around."

- Another straight to the point comment. He acknowledges his accomplishments and advantages on the court with Shaq back in MIA and he says "LOVE" yet again about the chance to play with Dwight Howard, just like any player in the league would say minus LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Mo Williams, etc….

4. "I said from Day One that I wanted to be in Miami, that maybe I could get certain players to come to Miami, but at the same time, this is my only chance at free agency,’’ Wade said. "There are a lot of possibilities out there. And nothing is impossible."

- Lastly, Wade says "that maybe I could get certain players to come to Miami". This may be him reflecting on this past summer's failure for the Heat to acquire Carlos Boozer and Lamar Odom whom Wade tried to convince to play in MIA amongst other possible FA from this past summer. Wade continues by say that this may be his only chance in FA meaning that if he re-signs with MIA, he’s probably stuck there until the end of his career (unless his next contract ends in 5/6 years and he decides to "Starbury-it" to a championship team for one last hurrah), this kinda sounds like Wade thinking that his job in MIA is possibly done (Championship in 06,team scoring records, Finals MVP, #2 pick in the draft, etc) and would like to play in another city and that he wants to win now while he can. MIA obviously has pieces to contend and yes, they have money to sign Wade and bring in another star player to piece beside him next season (Stoudemire, Bosh, Johnson, etc) but at the end of the day, would Wade/Stoudemire, Wade/Bosh be enough to put MIA over the hump? None of those 3 mentioned have gotten to the Finals and with O’Neal, Haslem, Richardson, Arroyo and Magloire (being key players in MIA ) coming off the books, would MIA really have a team to put around Wade to truly contend in the next 3-5 seasons?

Plus, the SVG factor don't forget that he was Wade's first NBA coach...and the new arena...and the possible black alternate uniform for next season...Stuff...The best fans in the NBA....The best basketball site for the Magic EVER...etc.

Like Wade says yet again, "nothing is impossible."

I don't really know what Otis is willing to give up to acquire Wade (and hopefully you all help me here with that) but this is what MIA and ORL may look like if the deal happens or not (and if MIA keeps Jermaine after next season).


Chalmers/Wade/Beasley/Stoudemire/O’Neal – Best case scenario for MIA

Nelson/Wade/Pietrus/Lewis/Howard – Possibly ORLs line-up with Wade (Carter, Gortat, fillers, picks to MIA)

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