Are the Magic TOO deep?

One has to wonder how everyone on the Magic's seemingly bottomless roster is going to find an adequate amount of playing time.  Many NBA teams use an 8 or 9 man rotation.  Once Lewis returns, the top 5 guys off the bench are Anderson, Barnes, Bass, Williams, and Gortat.  Johnson's all but guaranteed to be the odd man out at this point, but you still have Redick.  Is an 11 man rotation at all feasible long term?  Does a talented individual get sat at the end of the bench just in case someone gets injured down the road?  Neither seems to be a good answer at this point.

What are the other options?

It almost seems like its impossible to upgrade the Magic's roster from a talent perspective at this point.  The players that Orlando has all fit extremely well into the system.  It just doesn't seem very likely that the team could be made "better" by way of any trade right now.

Is it feasible to trade away some talent for financial reasons?  That seems counterproductive for a team with the goal of winning a championship.  It could also upset the chemistry of the team, as well as upset the fan base.  Still though, it could be argued that the team has extraneous players, and something could be gained by making a move that would ultimately extend the team's championship window, and open up the possibility of a dynasty scenario.  

While it may be premature to explore the idea, one has to wonder about scenarios surrounding Rashard Lewis.  Yes he's an all-star.  The Magic don't make the finals without him last year.  He's extremely versatile, as he showed in the playoffs last year by being effective as a shooter, a post-up player, and a slasher at times.  At the same time, he's earning the most money of any player on the team, with the ninth highest salary in the league.  Most experts contend that he's overpaid.  He's certainly proven that he's important to the team, but that doesn't change the fact that he's overpaid.  It may be extremely early in the season, but the Magic look like they won't miss Lewis in the lineup very much.  It certainly begs the question, could he be traded?  Would it be possible to parlay his contract, in conjunction with someone else's expiring contract (Redick, Johnson) into someone like Brandon Roy (6yrs, $3.9mill per year)?  Food for thought.

Then there's of course Gortat.  The Magic caught the rest of the league off guard when they chose to match Dallas's offer.  He's not eligible to be traded until mid-season, however he certainly has the talent to start for a good number of teams in the league.  There's no doubt that he will be a valuable trading chip, should Orlando choose to explore such an option.  The problem with Gortat is he's the only true backup center that the team has.  They'd be forced to get another center in return, or else they would have to play small with Bass playing that position while Howard's on the bench.  There are still certainly some possibilities out there though, such as a trade with Indiana for Danny Granger and 2nd year center Roy Hibbert.

Both Lewis and Gortat will both be important members of Van Gundy's rotation, unless something happens.  What would seem to be more likely is a trade involving only some of the expiring contracts, such as the afore mentioned Redick and Johnson.  The two of them together amount to $5mill in salary, so there may be some potential.

The question still goes back to whether or not being 11 deep is truly a bad thing or not.  Is it a blessing, or is it wasteful?  Will it win the Magic a title?  Do the Magic NEED it to win a title?  As with all things, only time will tell.

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