Best Magic Game So Far At The Midpoint Of The Season

You know the deal. With the new week well into play, time for another showcased fanpost. This go 'round, funny80sguy would like to know what the community feels has been the best Magic game so far this year? Chime in, if you haven't already. - ER

Well, we are now in the middle of the season and I was wondering what was everybody's favorite Magic game so far this season and why.

My favorite so far has to be the game in Portland.  I live in Seattle, so my girlfriend and I took the train down south to watch the game in person.  We wore our Magic shirts and carefully planned out our beer and snack breaks for the game while we were on the 4 hour train trip.  We drinked quite a bit so we got louder and more obnoxious as the game wore on.  I got into some friendly banter with a Portland fan all game who sat near us (we mostly just glance at each other meaningfully whenever one our respective teams did something positive).  I suspect another guy behind me was cheering louder for Portland than he normally would have because I was cheering for the Magic (he was even screaming at made free throws).  I will say that Portland probably has one of the best fan base because that arena was rocking from start to finish.

When the Magic were down by 8 with about 2 minutes left, I had about gave up on them but was content because they played a good game.  But when they totally shut down the Blazers that culminated with that last second 3 by Hedo . . . man, I'm still buzzed when I think about hearing the crowd scream out a collective "NO!!!!" when that shot banked in.  My girlfriend and I were jumping up and down for a solid five minutes while everybody was exiting around us.

You can tell that basketball is a huge deal in Portland because the next day I bought one of their papers and they had a huge picture of a dejected Brandon Roy lying on the floor on the front page, and the columnists were commenting on what a huge loss the game was for the Blazers.

I always knew that it is difficult to win on the road for an NBA team, but I developed a newfound respect for the Magic's fortitude when I experienced firsthand what they are up against with all that energy of 20,000 fans directed against them to lose.

Without a doubt, it was the best game I have ever attended in my life.  I can think the only way that this game could possibly be topped for me is if I went to a Magic championship game in person on the road and they won in the same fashion this game.  This game was so awesome, I even re-watched it on my league pass archive a couple days later to relive the feeling (and it felt just as good).

So what was your fav?

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